Elections 2023 – Statement of Persons Nominated

Following the close of nominations yesterday, the full list of candidates for all elections has now been published.

Below is the Statement of Persons Nominated for the 11 seats on the Town Council. There are more candidates than seats so the election will be contested on Thursday 4 May 2023.

Also below is the Statement of Persons Nominated for Northleach Ward in the election for a local district councillor.

Full details of the elections and all candidates in Cotswold District are online – see “Current and Future Elections”: https://www.cotswold.gov.uk/elections

Statement as to Persons Nominated for Northleach With Eastington Town Council

The following people have been or stand nominated for election to this Town.

Name of Candidate (surname first):

  • Blackwell, Gina
  • Glynn, Valerie
  • Hadley, Byron James Anthony
  • Hulcup, Brian Dennis
  • Jackson, Matt
  • Kirkby, Laura
  • Lyon, Rosalind Sara
  • Morley-Blackwell, Terry
  • Ponfield, Gerry
  • Rainey, Patsi
  • Richell, Alan Charles
  • Richell, Andrea Jane
  • Russell, Jules
  • Saunders, Chick
  • Tennant, Mark
  • Wellman, Flam
  • Woolley Simon, Guy

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Statement of Persons Nominated for Northleach Ward: northleach-ward