There are 11 seats on Northleach with Eastington Town Council. Ordinary local council elections take place every four years. Vacancies that occur between ordinary elections can be filled by election, if residents ask for an election, or co-option. If you are interested in becoming a councillor or would like to find out what it involves, please contact us.

In addition, in Northleach all Councillors are trustees of the King George V Playing Field, Northleach Charitable Trust. 


Chairman of the Council and Town Mayor – Vacant

Vice Chairman of the Council – Cllr Alan Wellman

Chairman of the Property and Premises Management Committee – Cllr Andrew Wellman

Chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Committee – Cllr Mark Ogden


Mrs Pauline Rigby, Town Clerk

Mrs Mary Cassidy, Administration Officer

Mr Brian Crossley, Westwoods Centre Supervisor

Register of Interests

All members of the Town Council must register their pecuniary and other personal interests with Cotswold District Council. The declarations can be viewed by clicking on the individual links below.

BD Hulcup
T Morley-Blackwell
Mark Ogden
AW Wellman
AP Wellman
G Blackwell
S Gorst
V Glynn