Carbon Neutral Northleach Seeks New Members

Message from Carbon Neutral Northleach:

Since its inception in January 2020, we believe that Carbon Neutral Northleach (CNN) has had a positive impact on the community carbon footprint through education and the provision of information. This included a number of speaking events and a successful exhibition in September 2022. A range of articles and updates have been produced through the website, Parish News and this subscriber database.

Unfortunately the number of people engaging in the subject and contributing to the activities of CNN has dwindled and we have reviewed whether there is sufficient community interest to continue our work. With a number of resignations from the committee, CNN has suspended activities from 11th April 2024 due to a shortage of volunteers.

Whilst CNN can be pleased with what we have achieved over the five years, fresh faces and input is needed. There is an opportunity for new members to focus on any number of climate change issues from tree planting to car charging to solar panels to heat pumps. The refreshed CNN  committee can decide how best to support our community going forward.

If there is anyone in the community enthusiastic to join the committee, including Chair, Treasurer or website/media coordinator then CNN  can continue. Otherwise the body will be wound down with funds being conditionally transferred to the Town Council to use on suitable schemes.

Please contact Carbon Neutral Northleach if you are interested.

Police Courier Fraud Warning

Gloucestershire Police is warning communities that 01285 telephone numbers are being targeted by fraudsters, who are telephoning elderly people pretending to be the police.

The fraudsters tell the victims that their bank account has been compromised and that the police are investigating.

The victims are instructed to withdraw cash at their local branch, to “assist the police investigation”.

The victims are then told the money is counterfeit and a “police courier” arrives at the victim’s address to collect it. The force control room received five such reports in one day.

In each case, the victim’s 01285 landline telephone number was called by fraudsters pretending to be local officers from Cirencester Police Station.

REMEMBER the Police will NEVER ask you to withdraw money as part of a covert investigation.

If you have been the victim of fraud, or simply want to report a suspicious telephone call, message, or email, then please visit the Government’s online fraud platform:

Holiday Activities in Cotswold District Spring 2024

Information from Cotswold District Council:

For Holiday and Food Programmes in Spring, Summer and Winter 2024, there are lots of activities on offer including Circus, Fundays, Forest School Days, Holiday camps and more ….

Activities go on view before going live on the Children’s Activities Booking System (CABS) and our website on the following dates:

Spring view 4th March – Go Live 11th March
Summer view 17th June – Go Live 1st July
Winter view 18th Nov – Go Live 2nd Dec

To find out more visit:

Once bookings go live, if you need help with bookings or transport, please contact the community connectors Bloodhound Education on email:

Ash Die Back Works: A40 – Puesdown to Northleach Roundabout

Roadworks notice from Gloucestershire Highways:

What: Temporary Traffic Order to close the road for essential Ash Dieback tree work.

Where: A40 – Puesdown to Northleach Roundabout, Hampnett

When: 4-8th March 2024 inclusive (excluding weekends) from 09.30 to 15.30 daily.

On behalf of Gloucestershire County Council, we are advising you that we are due to be conducting essential works at the above location to remove unsafe trees infected with Ash Dieback.

Ash Dieback disease causes Ash trees to become unsafe; trees could shed limbs or collapse on to the road causing harm and injury. This work must take place for health and safety reasons, to protect road users and pedestrians, and make sure the carriageway remains clear of debris.

Letter (B) – A40 Puesdown to Northleach


Roadworks Notice: A429 Fosseway (Leygore Bottom) Northleach

Notice from Gloucestershire Highways:

What: Temporary Traffic Order to close the road for carriageway resurfacing.

Where: A429 Fosseway (Leygore Bottom) Northleach. See overleaf for details of road closure.

When: For approximately 2 Nights (excl. weekends) between the hours of 19:00 to 07:00.

The PLANNED start and end dates are currently Monday 4 March 2024 until Tuesday 5 March 2024, however, keep an eye on the web page detailed below or the signs on site for any short notice changes.

909815 A429 Fosseway Northleach Residents Letter

Roadworks Notice: Burford Road to Larket Hill Wood, Aldsworth

Notification from Gloucestershire County Council:

What: Road closure for carriageway patching.

Where: Burford Road to Larket Hill Wood, Aldsworth

When: Week Commencing 19 February 2024 for two days, 07:00-19:00

(Please Note: These dates and times can change without warning please see our explanation below)

Please find attached letter and map regarding the upcoming works on Burford Road to Larket Hill Wood, Aldsworth, starting Week Commencing 19th February 2024 for two days, inclusive of Saturday.