Councillors are data controllers and accountable for the processing of personal information in connection with requests received from members of the public. The following Privacy Notice sets out how councillors will process this data in line with the requirements of data protection legislation.

Any personal data processed for party political or campaigning purposes is not covered by this privacy notice.

Collection of personal data

Councillors may need to collect personal data in order to process requests for assistance or respond to their enquiries. Councillors will only collect the personal data that is needed in order to provide them with relevant information, services or support.

Information collected

When you ask for your Councillors’ help and assistance, the Councillor will need to collect some information from you.

This will generally include personal information such as name, address and contact information together with details of the problem or concern.

It will only be necessary for Councillors to collect ‘special category’ data such as information about racial or ethnic origin, sexuality and sexual life, religious or philosophical beliefs, etc. where this type of information is of relevance to the request you are making.

Basis for processing

Councillors rely mostly on public task as a lawful basis for the processing of personal information, for example constituency work. However, there may be a circumstance where the councillor may need to contact you for permission to share information that they think is particularly sensitive.

The Councillor may also lawfully process personal data to protect your vital interests or those of another natural person (where processing of the personal data is done to protect someone’s life).

Information sharing

To progress your enquiry and depending on its nature, it may be necessary for the councillor to share your information with appropriate council officers and other local authorities.

Only the information necessary to progress your enquiry will be shared. Any third parties with whom data is shared with are obliged to keep these details securely, and to only use the data for purposes already communicated.

In any event, the Councillors will not use your personal data in a way that goes beyond reasonable expectations. Councillors will never sell constituents’ data on to third parties.

If there is any information that you do not wish the councillor to share with third parties, please make this known before the councillor progresses your enquiry. However, please be aware that it may not be possible to progress a matter for you on an anonymous basis.

Keeping data safe

Councillors will take reasonable security measures to ensure personal information within their control is protected from accidental loss or alteration, inappropriate access, misuse or theft.

How long data is kept

Councillors will process personal data until the issue is resolved and may store electronic data and paper records for up to 4 years (their term of office) in line with common practice. This is to allow for build-up of case histories and to return to records when further matters arise.

Your rights

Please refer to the Town Council’s privacy notice for more information on data protection and your rights.

If you are dissatisfied with how Councillors have used your personal information, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Updated: 10 September 2020