Northleach Design Statement Is Published

The Design Statement (below) is the product of the work of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.  As and when a Neighbourhood Plan is adopted, it will form part of that plan. Meanwhile, it has been adopted by the Town Council and approved by Cotswold District Council.  It complements CDC’s Design Code as prepared for its emerging Local Plan.

Please use it to help inform your understanding of our local heritage, listed buildings, conservation areas and our special place in the AONB.  We hope you will find it a useful guide to ensuring a sympathetic approach to any alterations or development that might be undertaken, whether or not planning permission, listed building or conservation area consents are required.

Northleach Great British Spring Clean – FAQ

Thank you to all those who have volunteered for the Great British Spring Clean, and if you haven’t told us yet, don’t worry please just turn up on Saturday 8th April at 10am. We will be gathering on the playing field by the school car park.

Some common questions!

Q   Can I bring my children / grandchildren?
A  Absolutely! Children are most welcome and it’s a great way to get them involved. Please make sure they are dressed appropriately (kids gardening gloves would be useful) and they must be supervised by an adult. They will love our magnetic litter pickers and can have a drink refreshment afterwards!

Q   Do I need to bring any equipment?
A   We have a good selection of Hi-Viz jackets (including kids ones from the school), gloves, litter pickers and bin bags. We don’t know how many volunteers will turn up so if you have any of these items please bring them.

Q    What should I wear?
A    Make sure you are dressed for the weather on the day. You won’t be asked to work in places you are uncomfortable with but sturdy shoes and old clothes are recommended. The areas we hope to cover include the roads, hedges, grass verges, the playing field and woodland edges.

Q   Where can I get a drink refreshment after the event?
A    We are delighted so many of our businesses are supporting the event. We will hand out refreshment tokens at the start and then you will be able to get tea / coffee / squash refreshments when you have finished. Many thanks to the following for supporting us -The Black Cat, The Ox House, The Cotswold Lion Café, Fruitcakes, The Mechanical Museum and The Northleach Pavilion

See you on Saturday at 10am!

Kind regards,
Cat Crompton

Northleach with Eastington Town Council

Calling Northleach Knitters! Help Knit A Christmas Tree

Last Christmas a local village knitted a Christmas tree created from knitted squares and it has been suggested that the people of Northleach could do something similar for this coming Christmas. At the end of the Christmas season it would then be dismantled and stitched into blankets for those in need of Winter warmth.

If you feel that you could contribute some squares the following is the format required:

  1. Size 8 (4mm) needles should be used
  2. Any shade of green double knitting wool can be used. This includes acrylic mixes.
  3. Small squares – cast on 20 stitches. Using garter stitch knit until 3 inches have been worked then cast off.
  4. Medium squares – cast on 30 stitches. Using garter stitch knit until 4 inches have been worked then cast off.
  5. Large squares – cast on 40 stitches. Using garter stitch knit until 6 inches have been worked then cast off.
  6. Not required but if wished work onto the square a small Christmassy motif or the child’s name who knitted the square.

For more information please call Bud Dutton on 01451 860341.

It is important to stick to the 3, 4 or 6 inch squares so if the numbers of stitches listed above do not suit your knitting tension please vary the number of stitches per square.

There will be a collection box available on the ground floor of the Cotswold Hall.

[Image by Mollie Taylor © CC BY 2.5.]

Another casual vacancy (Notice of Vacancy March 2017)

NOTICE is given that, due to the resignation of Neil Fletcher, a vacancy has arisen for a Councillor for the Town Council.

Northleach with Eastington Town Council has wide ranging responsibilities including the Westwoods Centre, the town allotments, Neighbourhood Plan, bus shelters, cemeteries, closed churchyard, Pavilion, Playing Field, play areas, planning applications, Charter Market and grass cutting … to name a few.

The scope of work for Parish and Town Councils is enormous and whilst they may not appear to as high profile as the County and District Councils, they can influence the issues that affect people in their immediate area and their day to day lives. We work closely with both the District and County Council to help deliver benefits to our residents, increase efficiency and cut costs.

If you are interested in helping your community and would like to find out more then please do one of the following:

  • Come along to our next Town Council on Wednesday 22nd March (7pm at The Westwoods Centre). Everyone is welcome.
  • Contact the Clerk on this email for an informal chat, or
  • Contact one of the Councillors whose details are on our notice boards and website.

Kind regards
Cat Crompton

Northleach with Eastington Town Council

Job Vacancy: Administrative Assistant @ Cotswolds Discovery Centre

Job title: Administrative Assistant
Location: Cotswolds Discovery Centre @ the Old Prison, Northleach, Gloucestershire
Job description/advert attached
Contact: or 01451 862000
Apply : via our website
Closing date: Noon on Thursday 9th March



Amateur Dramatics in Northleach

Many small towns and villages around the country enjoy amateur dramatics groups (AmDram), involving all sorts of different people, many of whom have acting talents they did not know existed. Then there are others, perhaps, whose skills lie in stage management, set design, lighting, electrics, advertising/marketing; or even prompting actors when they forget their lines. It can all be a lot of fun and bring together many diverse groups of people.

Northleach is fortunate to have the splendid Westwoods Centre and The Cotswold Hall, either of which could support a stage production. Initially, the Cotswold Hall might be ideal but later, if the project became a real success, then the Westwoods Centre would offer a much larger space and seating for the audience – but at higher cost.

This note is designed to see what kind of interest there might be in Northleach. Should you have some contribution to offer, be it suggestions, or just support for the idea then please contact Robert Cusins by email to:

Robert looks forward to hearing from as many as possible; and hopes to form a pilot group to plan a way forward.