Introduction and Scope
Carbon Neutral Northleach is an independent voluntary organisation. Formed with ongoing support from the Town Council and in liaison with Cotswold District Council and Gloucestershire County Council.
Climate change is a broad term for many issues, and as a small group of volunteers it would be easy to be too ambitious. To simplify things, we are looking at Carbon Reduction which simply means reducing the amount of carbon dioxide each of us produces. Our project plan focuses on what we can realistically achieve if our whole community gets involved.

The Aim
We have a simple aim – to work together to reduce our Parish’s carbon footprint

  1. Reducing our CO2 emissions (e.g. by using green energy, insulation, LED lighting, reducing car journeys, buying local)
  2. Offsetting what we produce (e.g. by planting trees)

How are we going to do this?
Carbon Neutral Northleach is a long term project. Our project plan nominally spans 10 years, with the aim to make incremental improvements every year. The plan can be viewed at the bottom of this page.  The plan focuses on research, measurement, education and practical steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

To succeed we are dependent upon engaging the community in this very important project – many hands make light work.
We need volunteers and supporters to implement our plans. If you would like to be involved please see the links at the bottom of the page.

Our carbon footprint
We have made some initial calculations of our carbon footprint as a parish. The measurement currently only looks at household emissions through direct energy consumption (electricity and heating) and vehicle use. Delving into the realms of calculating the footprint from the manufacture of our car or clothing is too much at this stage. However, we would like to encourage everyone to buy local, reduce car journeys, buy second hand and pass on once finished.

This does not include local businesses at this point.

What is our current position?
So far our household survey (covering direct energy consumption and vehicle use) estimates that we emit over 8000 tCO²℮ (tonnes of CO2) a year which is equal to 4790 single passenger return flights from London to New York.
As part of our carbon reduction programme we will also seek to work with local businesses.

Join the calculation
We need more people to fill in the questionnaire here to help us accurately calculate the parish’s current carbon footprint. The more households that complete the survey, the more accurate the calculation will be. Fill out and send back our questionnaire

What is the carbon reduction plan?
In the first few years we are focusing primarily on mainstream carbon footprint reduction projects, which directly reduce our footprint. Our Project Plan sets out the proposed programme, which was originally agreed at the working group meeting of 9th January 2020 and receives regular updates.

In summary
There are five main objectives to the plan:

  1. Learning – research, specialist advice
  2. Measurement – current position, actual savings
  3. Education/Communication – community, schools, PR & promotion
  4. Reducing carbon emissions – green energy, energy efficiency/using less/insulation, buying local produce
  5. Offsetting carbon emissions – tree planting, supporting world wide programmes.

And further down the line:

  1. Waste and recycling- improved recycling, reduced landfill

Click below to read our Carbon reduction Plan 2020-2030

CNN Carbon Offset Plan
This document shows progress on various tree planting initiatives in the parish.


Actions you can take to help now!

Join the team
Membership is currently free. If you want to be part of delivering this exciting project or simply to receive updates please click here to receive CNN updates

Use green energy
A simple way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy electricity from a green energy supplier who provides energy from 100% renewable sources.
Households – We are registered as an affiliate with Bulb energy (often highly rated for low prices on Uswitch). You can sign up to Bulb Energy Click here for Bulb green energy quote

By switching to Bulb using this link, Bulb will make a £20 contribution to the Carbon Neutral Northleach fund.

Businesses – If you would like to reduce your carbon (and hopefully costs) by switching to a green supplier and need assistance to switch to a cost-effective green energy supplier, email us at and we will contact you to provide practical assistance.

Carbon footprint self-help initiatives
Click here to see a wide range of information sources to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Contact us
If you have any questions please email us at