Northleach is taking part in a trial of a new community library access point.

Gloucestershire Libraries has placed a small collection of books at the Westwoods Centre Northleach from the October 2023. The mini library will be accessible whenever the centre is open. Just bring along your library card, chose a book and sign out.

The collection will be refreshed every first Wednesday of the month. There is an option to reserve online and collect from the Westwoods centre. Have a look at the poster next to the books for more information.

Northleach Mini Library FAQ

How often do books get changed?

Every month the books will get changed completely, usually on the same day of the month – which for Northleach is currently the first Wednesday of the month – except for Wed 31st Jan where there be a delivery instead of Wed 7th Feb.

How can I borrow books?

You need to just fill in the logbook, writing in the number from the back of your library card, the full title of the book and the date you took it.  A person from the centre will take a photo of the logbook on a weekly basis and the books will be added to your card remotely by library staff.  There may be a little delay between borrowing the book and seeing it appear on your library membership records, but don’t worry!

How do I return books?

Please complete the logbook writing the return date alongside your original entry for borrowing and then put the book(s) back on the shelf. As with the borrowing of books, there may be a little delay between returning the book and seeing it disappear from your library membership records, but don’t worry!  If you regularly visit other libraries please could you take these books back to this other library if possible as there is limited space on the shelves of the mini library.

I still haven’t finished reading my book and the delivery of new books is due soon do I have to put it back on the shelf?

If you haven’t finished with your book please keep it and renew it online via the app or the website. Here is the link for the library app suitable for smart phones and tablets:

Here is the link for the browser to look on your computer: If you have any problems please contact the Library Helpline or mention this to a member of staff at the centre and then they will let library staff know who could do this remotely for you.

I would like to reserve a book from another library, can I collect it from the Mini Library?  

Yes! There is a poster near to the books explaining how to reserve books from other libraries. When the book is available, it  will arrive in the next monthly delivery with your name on it. Please sign the book out on the logbook as you would do the other books. The book can be added to your library card remotely by library staff as soon as is possible. It will stay there for the month to wait for you.

I haven’t got a library card, how do I join?

You can join the library online: Currently, you will need to visit a local library with some ID so they can give you full membership. We are working to see if there can be another alternative for those using Community Access points.

Last updated 16 Jan 2024