Wildflower Verges Return in 2024

🌼 🦋 Northleach with Eastington Town Council is proud to be supporting No Mow May (and June, July, and August) again.

Following a successful trial last year, the Town Council is leaving certain highway verges unmown until the autumn again. By leaving verges to grow naturally, we can play our part in supporting nature and biodiversity.

Many flowering plants growing in road verges are cut before they can flower, set seed, and so their decline in numbers continues. Late mowing allows flowering plants to complete their reproductive life cycle. 

These areas may appear unkempt, but they provide important habitat for wildlife, including pollinators like bees and butterflies. The humble dandelion, for example, is an abundant source of nectar in an environment where insect food sources are increasingly scarce.

But there is more than just dandelions in our local verges. In a survey carried out by a volunteer last month, they found 30 different species of flower in bloom. A total 63 species of flowering plants have been recorded to date, 27 more than recorded last autumn. The list includes oxeye daisies, ladies bedstraw, and wild strawberry.

The verges have not been abandoned. They will be carefully managed and undesirable species such as thistle and common dock will be tackled if they get out of hand. There is also a possibility of sowing locally sourced wildflower seed later in the year to augment the native varieties still present in the soil, if it is agreed that nature needs a helping hand.

Additionally, it has been shown that wildflower verges encourage traffic to slow down. Flowers give important visual clues that motorists are entering a residential area, and create a visual narrowing of the road. Residents have told the council they are concerned about the speed of traffic in town, and this is a simple measure we can try which gives quick positive results.

A further benefit is the potentially reduced cost to us all as a community, paying for fewer un-necessary cutting operations and a consequent reduction in the fuel used and hence a reduced carbon footprint for the Town Council. A small part of the picture maybe but worth the saving we think.

‘Wildflower trial’ signs have been erected on the areas in the scheme, which include:

  • West End opposite Jubilee Row
  • Eastington Road
  • East End from Short Hedges Close to Nostle Road
  • East End adjacent to Potter Walk.

If there is a verge outside your property that is not currently in the scheme, but you would like to put it forward then please let us know.

For information on the No Mow May campaign please visit the Plantlife website.

Got any other questions or feedback? Please contact us.




Travelling to Bourton on the 801 Bus Service

Recent changes to the 801 bus service have impacted Northleach. Although the service frequency has been increased, most of the buses no longer stop on the town. Pulhams has clarified the changes to the 801 and how to make the journey to Bourton on the Water. The service you need will depend on which time of day you wish to travel. Please find this information below:

“The Service is now hourly and continues from Moreton in Marsh to Chipping Norton providing a link that was not available before. The bus is now timed to meet the trains in Moreton in Marsh that arrive from London. Northleach is still served on the morning journey that arrives in Bourton at 08:25 for students attending the Cotswold School and the return journey at 15:45. This is where we see most usage for Northleach residents. The mid morning bus to Northleach and early afternoon bus from Northleach  has been withdrawn as patronage was low and by including Northleach it took away the ability to operate an hourly clockface service that connected with the trains and was more attractive to a larger number of users. The 855 Service still operates to/from Northleach on one AM and one PM journey.

However, the good news is that ‘The Robin’ on demand service can be booked for journeys from Northleach to/from Bourton  that fall one hour outside of the 801/855 scheduled bus times therefore Northleach residents can utilise that service at a time to suit themselves.”

For ease of reference, the times between Northleach and Bourton are as follows:                                              

Northleach to Bourton on the Water:
08:10 (801 Service)
09.20 (855 Service)
16.40 (855 Service)
18.08 (855 Service)      

Bourton on the Water to Northleach:
07:00 (855 Service)
10.00 (855 Service)
15:45 (801 Service)

An hour outside of these times The Robin is available to book.

For timetables, visit Pulhams website.



Police & Crime Comissioner Election in Gloucestershire – Statement of Persons Nominated

The Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll for the election of a Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucester local area has been published.

The deadline for requesting a postal vote for this election has now passed. Electors may request a proxy vote up to 5pm on Wednesday 24 April and this is the same date for anyone needing a Voter Authority Certificate if they don’t have acceptable photo ID.

A list of acceptable photo ID can be found on the Electoral Commission’s website:

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday 2 May.

Check your poll card for details of your local polling station. The local polling place in Northleach is The Westwoods Centre, Basset Road, GL54 3QJ. 

Carbon Neutral Northleach Seeks New Members

Message from Carbon Neutral Northleach:

Since its inception in January 2020, we believe that Carbon Neutral Northleach (CNN) has had a positive impact on the community carbon footprint through education and the provision of information. This included a number of speaking events and a successful exhibition in September 2022. A range of articles and updates have been produced through the website, Parish News and this subscriber database.

Unfortunately the number of people engaging in the subject and contributing to the activities of CNN has dwindled and we have reviewed whether there is sufficient community interest to continue our work. With a number of resignations from the committee, CNN has suspended activities from 11th April 2024 due to a shortage of volunteers.

Whilst CNN can be pleased with what we have achieved over the five years, fresh faces and input is needed. There is an opportunity for new members to focus on any number of climate change issues from tree planting to car charging to solar panels to heat pumps. The refreshed CNN  committee can decide how best to support our community going forward.

If there is anyone in the community enthusiastic to join the committee, including Chair, Treasurer or website/media coordinator then CNN  can continue. Otherwise the body will be wound down with funds being conditionally transferred to the Town Council to use on suitable schemes.

Please contact Carbon Neutral Northleach if you are interested.

Police Courier Fraud Warning

Gloucestershire Police is warning communities that 01285 telephone numbers are being targeted by fraudsters, who are telephoning elderly people pretending to be the police.

The fraudsters tell the victims that their bank account has been compromised and that the police are investigating.

The victims are instructed to withdraw cash at their local branch, to “assist the police investigation”.

The victims are then told the money is counterfeit and a “police courier” arrives at the victim’s address to collect it. The force control room received five such reports in one day.

In each case, the victim’s 01285 landline telephone number was called by fraudsters pretending to be local officers from Cirencester Police Station.

REMEMBER the Police will NEVER ask you to withdraw money as part of a covert investigation.

If you have been the victim of fraud, or simply want to report a suspicious telephone call, message, or email, then please visit the Government’s online fraud platform:

Police and Crime Commissioner Election on Thursday 2nd May

Information from Cotswold District Council:

The Police and Crime Commissioner Election is taking place on Thursday 2 May 2024.

The election is for the PCC of Gloucestershire and is being run by the Police Area Returning Officer (PARO) based in Gloucester City Council.

Cotswold District Council Local Returning Officer, Robert Weaver will be conducting the election within our District on behalf of the PARO.

For more information on the elections process, please visit Gloucester City Council’s website where the notices, information for prospective candidates, lists of candidates and other key information will be held.

The list of candidates will be known after 4pm on Friday 5 April with a notice being published no later than 4pm on Monday 8 April.

Voting on Thursday 2nd May

Poll cards

Poll cards will be posted to all registered electors on 25 March.  If anyone does not receive their poll card or has changed their address, name etc they should re-register at . 

The same link can be used for residents who are not yet registered to vote.  The deadline to register to vote at this election is Tuesday 16 April.

Postal and proxy voting

Anyone wishing to vote by post can apply online at . The deadline for making an application is 5pm on Wednesday 17 April.

Anyone wishing to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf can apply online at . The deadline for making an application is 5pm on Wednesday 24 April.

Paper forms are available by contacting the district council office.

Voter ID required

Anyone voting in person at a polling station will be required to provide an acceptable form of photo ID before being given their ballot paper.

Anyone needing a free Voter Authority Certificate should apply online by 5pm on Wednesday 24 April or contact the district council for a paper form.

Polling stations

If anyone is unsure of their polling station, they can check the details on Cotswold District Council’s website by entering their postcode.