Governing Documents
The Town Council’s work is carried out in accordance with Standing Orders and Financial Regulations. Standing Orders are a rule book for the routine conduct of our meetings and business. The Financial Regulations describe how we manage our financial affairs and accounting procedures. The Terms of Reference describe the purpose and scope of the Town Council’s standing (permanent) committees.


Financial Documents
The Treasury Management Strategy describes how the Council takes care of public money.


End-of-year accounting statements and audit documents are available on our financial pages.

Code of Conduct
The Town Council has adopted this Code of Conduct to promote and maintain high standards of behaviour by its members whenever they conduct or appear to conduct the business of the council.


Register of Interests
All members of the Town Council must register their pecuniary and other personal interests with Cotswold District Council. The declarations can be viewed by clicking on the name.

C Brady
EV Hewer
B Hulcup
TL Morley-Blackwell
P Rigby
AP Wellman
AW Wellman

You can also view these documents on Cotswold District Council’s website: