Ash Die Back Works: A40 – Puesdown to Northleach Roundabout

Roadworks notice from Gloucestershire Highways:

What: Temporary Traffic Order to close the road for essential Ash Dieback tree work.

Where: A40 – Puesdown to Northleach Roundabout, Hampnett

When: 4-8th March 2024 inclusive (excluding weekends) from 09.30 to 15.30 daily.

On behalf of Gloucestershire County Council, we are advising you that we are due to be conducting essential works at the above location to remove unsafe trees infected with Ash Dieback.

Ash Dieback disease causes Ash trees to become unsafe; trees could shed limbs or collapse on to the road causing harm and injury. This work must take place for health and safety reasons, to protect road users and pedestrians, and make sure the carriageway remains clear of debris.

Letter (B) – A40 Puesdown to Northleach