About the King George V Playing Field Northleach Charitable Trust

Northleach with Eastington Town Council is the sole charity trustee for the King George V Playing Field Northleach Charitable Trust, registered with the Charities Commission as Charity no. 1082778. The playing field has special status as a Fields in Trust protected site.


In 1928, what was then known as Northleach Parish Council purchased land from Lord Sherborne and received an additional parcel of land as a gift to create a public recreation space. Ten years later, in 1939, Mr W J Castle gave another parcel of land for the same purpose and the whole was vested in the King George’s Fields Foundation. Thus in 1940 Northleach King George V Playing Field was born.

Since then the ground has been drained and the playing field surface developed. We now have adult and junior football pitches, a cricket square, two tennis courts, a tennis club hut, Pavilion and car park.

Minutes of Meetings

As a registered charity, the Trust is managed independently from the Town Council, with separate meetings and its own set of accounts. The trustees usually meet six times a year.

For older minutes, please Contact Us.