Police Issue Advice to Dog Walkers on Farm Land

Gloucestershire Police have received calls from concerned farmers regarding dog walkers leaving dog faeces on farm land especially in fields used for livestock. If a dog has worms this can be treated but if cows and sheep pick up the dog worms this cannot be treated and the animals become sick.

The Police are asking dog owners to be responsible and pick up after their dogs in all rural areas and open fields and take the bags to the nearest bin.

The Police have been asked to clarify the following points:

  • The law only covers public areas and footpaths across farm land.
  • The fine of £1,000 is a maximum fine that can be imposed and this is only awarded at court if the dog owner refuses to pay the set fine given by the local authority. This set fine differs from council to council area.
  • The intention is not to single out dog walkers but to raise awareness that if a dog has not been wormed then the dog faeces if ingested by sheep and and cattle can lead to severe illness and stillborn lambs and calves, costing farmers  hundreds of pounds in the loss of their stock.

This message came from PC2201 Nick Westmacott

Cotswold North Local Policing Team

Dog Fouling In Northleach

There is an issue with dog fouling at the moment around town and the Town Council would like to explain  some of the actions it has taken so far.

The dog wardens have been asked to patrol certain problem areas and there is a small team of local residents spraying dog mess with red paint. The reason for the spraying is so that the mess can be clearly seen and people can avoid stepping in it. Please note that the group are not allowed to pick the mess up.

The Town Council sponsored a dog poster competition in the Summer with the school children and the two winning posters have been put up around town.  We have discussed but for the moment discounted providing dog poo bags. The Council is also aware of the “watching eyes” poster campaign and will discuss this at the start of next year.

In the last year we have installed a larger bin on Back Lane at the join with Guggle as it was usually full and a new bin will be installed shortly at the path leading to the Fortey Road woods between Farmington Road and MacArthur Road. We also moved the bin from the bottom of Bettensen Drive to across the road so it is on a pavement rather than a verge. This has all been as a result of residents suggesting improvements so please keep the ideas coming!

Allowing a dog to foul a public place is unpleasant, can cause severe illness and even blindness in farm animals and people. It is also illegal, carrying a penalty of up to £1000.

If you wish to report an incident please use the following link to contact the Environmental Wardens at Cotswold District Council: www.cotswold.gov.uk/animal-control-welfare/dog-fouling/.