Tourism is Still in Lockdown Warns Council Chief

Visitors to the Cotswolds should “Come for a walk, not for a day”, with the District’s tourism sites still in lockdown, warns Cllr Jenny Forde, Cotswold District Council Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing and Public Safety.

“Normally, the people of the Cotswolds welcome visitors from all across the UK, but people need to be aware that the tourism industry has not yet reopened. All of our wonderful tourist attractions remain closed. The shops, cafes and pubs that all support tourism are not open. Local public toilets also remain closed in line with public health advice. Tourism is still in lockdown. By all means come for a walk, but not for a day,” said Councillor Forde.

“It is understandable that after months trapped in their own home, people may want to feel some fresh air and enjoy a walk. But we ask that you please do so close to your home. I would recommend that people do not travel more than an hour’s drive from their own home to get here. As a beautiful area we can support people having a walk in the fresh air and enjoying outdoor exercise, but we can’t yet support a whole day out – the facilities that do so are simply shut. This is in line with national public health advice.”

“And when coming to the area, do respect the government’s guidelines on social distancing and the countryside code, and do be considerate to residents and the landscape when parking, as many car parks are still closed. When the government says the time is right, our tourism and hospitality businesses will be delighted to welcome visitors from across the UK once again.”