Vote for a New Name for the Westwoods Development

Cotswold District Council has asked the town council for our feedback on proposed street names for the new development on the former school playing field at Bassett Road. Building is expected to start soon. (Scroll down for the poll).

Other roads on the site of the Westwoods Grammar School are named after former headmasters at the school, William Fallows and Wilbert Bassett. Proposed street names should have historical relevance, and the town council strongly supports the idea of continuing the theme of using headmasters’ names.

Stuart Shaw was headmaster from 1979 to 1988. Charles Lowry and Henry Askew are believed to have been headmasters before Wilbert Bassett. We also suggested Bradley Drive as James Bradley was educated at Northleach Grammar School and later became Astronomer Royal.

The developer had proposed ‘Westwoods Drive’ for the main street in the development, but we felt that this could cause confusion as it would mean the Westwoods Centre was not on Westwoods Drive. They also put forward ‘Heritage Gate’ as the name for the private drive.

The developer may not adopt the name we suggest, but we would like to provide them with alternative choices that have local support. You can pick two choices in the poll.

The poll will run from now until 9am Monday 23 January.

The district council has advised us that “the selection of new street names requires careful consideration to ensure that they are suitable for the area and will not conflict with or duplicate any existing names in the same locality.” We cannot use the names of people who are still living.

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42 thoughts on “Vote for a New Name for the Westwoods Development

  1. Had to vote for Bradley as I was in Bradley House. However, would actually like Potter Lane! After Mr Potter Latin Teacher. Mrs Leavh was too scary!

  2. I agree with Sonja, a road named after Wilf Potter would be a very fitting tribute to a much respected and loved Latin teacher of many years standing. He is thought of with fondness by so many ex-pupils, it would be a lovely way to commemorate him.

  3. That’s a wonderful idea – recognition of a wonderful teacher who so many Westwoodians have such fond memories of…Mr Wilf Potter…Latin, RE, madrigal choir, sportsman and generally an all round lovely man

  4. I agree- a Potter Close would be a great idea. And what about the other school house names, wheres Rixon?

  5. I was in Bradley so voted for that…and although as an 11 year old I was terrified of Mr Potter – looking back he was a lovely man — so Potter’s Lane would be a really good tribute to him.

  6. Bradley, I was in that house. Until a few years ago I never realised he was born in Sherborne and made two incredible astronomical discoveries!

  7. Can I aak that you please look again at suggested names. A growing number of people, including myself, would like to see a road named after Wilf Potter. He may not have been head but he was loved by many Westwodians and their facebook page is refecting this in its comments.

  8. If anyone deserves such an accolade for their dedication to learning and scholars well being it has to be Mr Wilfred Potter.

  9. Wilf Potter was one who everyone, who went to Westwoods, remembers as one of the best. Along with Mr Fallows, he was the spirit of Westwoods and everyone’s friend. Can you reconsider and add in Potter Walk, Avenue, Close etc? Thanks in advance, I am sure I am not alone!

  10. Potters lane in memory of such a well loved teacher ( though possibly we didn’t treat him with the respect he deserved at the time)

  11. ‘Potter Lane’ please….such a remarkable man. The name may even resonate with the younger generations who can link it with other ‘magical’ forms…..Mr Wilf Potter, teacher fondly remembered.

  12. Please consider Wilf Potter, he completely embodied everything that was great about Westwoods, an absolute legend.

  13. Please I agree with everyone here Mr Wilf Potter was one of a kind along with Mr Fallowes. He never ever forgot a pupil, at a reunion many years later he came straight up to me and started a conversation as if we’d only seen each other the day before. He had a hard, tragic early life. This would be a lasting memorial to a true gentleman who was much loved.

  14. Wilf Potter is the most fondly remembered Teacher at Westwoods by most of us that went to school there. He taught my Mum before he taught me. Naming a road after him would be the a small way of making up for the fact that none of us who were taught by him appreciated his genius until we left and it was too late. Please let us old Westwoodians have at least one road named after him.

  15. I voted Bradley as was my house but would have preferred Potter whatever. He was a remarkable man and should be remembered long after we’ve all gone.

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