Feedback Forms & Indicative Plans for Land off Bassett Road

SF Planning, the planning consultancy firm engaged by Gloucestershire County Council, has kindly provided us with a copy of the indicative plans for the land off Bassett Road field.

These plans do not represent the final layout for the proposed development, but are to form the focus for discussion about the County Council’s plans for the land.

The boards and feedback box have been collected from the Westwoods Centre today, but SF Planning is accepting email comments up until Friday 2nd May.

Please email or return your comments to SF Planning Ltd, 12 Royal Crescent, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 3DA or

Please note that the plan is copyrighted so can only be reproduced with express permission from the scheme designer Trower Davies.

Click the image to download the PDF. The file size is 12 MB, so depending on your internet conection, it may take a while to download.