Learn About the Benefits of Community-Led Housing

Press Release from Cotswold District Council

Cotswold District will be hosting a free special event on the morning of 4 July to inform key local decision makers, housing groups, and the public about the benefits of community-led housing. District and Parish/Town councillors, housing associations and the general public are invited to register for the 4 July event which takes place at the Westwoods Centre, Basset Road, Northleach GL54 3QJ from 10 am to 1230 pm (refreshments and buffet lunch provided).

The organisers – supported by experts from Homes England, a local Housing Association and an established Gloucestershire-based Community Land Trust – will focus on community-led housing as a means of providing more affordable accommodation in local communities across the District.  Details will be made available about the range of delivery options available, including: community land trusts; collective self-build groups; cooperative housing; co-housing schemes; mutual home ownership societies; and alms houses.

Importantly, the event – which appropriately falls within the national Rural Housing Week – will also explore how schemes can be initiated (including from the grassroots level), the sources of funding available, and the help that CDC can provide to assist community-led housing schemes.  There will also be examples of successful schemes from across the country.

Commenting on this initiative, CDC Cabinet Member for Housing Cllr Lisa Spivey says: “One of our Council’s highest priorities is the provision of more affordable housing across the District, and the growing movement of community-led schemes can play a huge part in achieving that aim. This event will show how they can complement the work of the local housing authority whilst meeting the aspirations of local communities. There are so many advantages to the community-led approach: long term investment in housing through community ownership of local assets; delivery of genuinely affordable homes for local people; gaining local people’s support for new homes and their active engagement in the planning process; creating housing schemes that better reflect local aspirations; increasing the housing supply and unlocking smaller and rural exception sites; promoting better community cohesion; and the encouragement of innovative designs built to high environmentally sustainable standards. I am looking forward to the 4 July event very much and believe that it will serve as a springboard for a wide range of new community-led schemes.”

NOTE: Admission to the 4 July event is by invitation only.  To apply for an invite please contact colin.mcdonald@publicagroup.uk or telephone 01285 623248.

District & Parish Notice of Election

The Notices of Election for the District and Town/Parish elections on 2nd May 2019 have been published. If you would like to stand for election as a councillor, nominations can be received between 9am and 5pm on any working day from 19 March through to the deadline of 4pm on 3 April.

Candidates are reminded that all nomination papers must be hand delivered to Cotwold District Council’s Cirencester office – delivery can be made by someone on behalf of the candidate if necessary.

The elections team will be available to check nomination papers as and when candidates arrive, and encourage candidates to wait while they do this – they will be as quick as possible!

If you have any queries relating to the nomination or election process, please contact the elections team on 01285 623002 or elections@cotswold.gov.uk.


Cotswold DC Will Debate Motion To Retain Garden Waste Service During Winter

Press Release from Cotswold District Council

Cotswold District Council’s Council will be discussing a motion on 26th February which calls for kerbside garden waste collections to continue during the winter. The planned switch from weekly to fortnightly collections, with effect from late autumn 2019, will go ahead but will be reviewed before the end of the 2019/20 annual licence period.

Councillors agreed late last year to suspend garden waste collections for a three month period during the winter, and supported the move from weekly to fortnightly collections. At that time the Council said it would consider reducing the cost of the service to offset the changes.

However, the motion calls for the garden waste licence fee to continue at £30 for 2019/20 in return for a continuation of collections all year round, albeit on a fortnightly basis. The whole arrangement would then be reviewed during March 2020.

Commenting on the motion, CDC Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Sue Coakley said: “I hope that the Council will support this motion because a lot of people have said that they would be happy to pay to retain the service over the winter, even if it means switching to fortnightly collections. If we peg the fee at £30 we would just about break even – at present this amount does not cover the cost of weekly collections and, as this is an optional service, it is important that we ensure the cost is not be borne by all residents. I must add that the annual £30 licence fee is still remarkably good value compared with other nearby authorities who charge more for collecting fortnightly.”

There has been a lot of debate in public about the proposed changes to the waste service. To clarify matters, the key points are as follows:

  • Garden waste collections will continue on a weekly basis until we introduce a new fleet of vehicles towards the end of this year – probably during October or November – to replace most of our current vehicles. (These older vehicles are becoming increasingly expensive to maintain and are liable to break down more frequently).
  • Once the new fleet begins operations later this year, garden waste collections will move from a weekly to a fortnightly basis.
  • Kerbside food collections will continue on a weekly basis, and, when the new fleet begins operations towards the end of this year, residents will be provided with bigger more robust animal-proof caddies for their food waste.
  • When the larger more durable food caddies are introduced towards the end of the year, residents must refrain from placing food waste in their garden waste bins.
  • Separating food from garden waste will enable us to begin using an anaerobic digester facility for more efficient – and environmentally friendly – reprocessing of food remains. Similarly, we will be able to process the garden waste using a far cheaper and more environmentally beneficial composting method. Additionally, making fortnightly garden waste collections will enable us to reduce our vehicle pollution levels and fuel usage.
  • The new fleet of vehicles will allow us to introduce extra kerbside recycling options for the very first time – textiles, batteries, small electrical and electronic items and Tetrapak cartons. We will provide the appropriate containers for recycling these new items.
  • Prior to the new vehicles being introduced later this year, we will review how waste rounds are organised to maximise the efficiency of collections across the District. This will result in a change to collection days for some residents and they will be informed well in advance of any change.
  • Before any changes are introduced, we will send information to every household explaining how the new recycling arrangements will work.


National Update: On 18 February 2019, the Government set out plans for a major overhaul of the country’s waste system, through the launch of a suite of consultations. Building on commitments made in the government’s Resources and Waste Strategy published in December 2018, the consultations provide detail on plans to (i) make packaging producers pay the full cost of dealing with their waste; (ii) introduce a consistent set of recyclable materials to be collected from all households and businesses; (iii) introduce consistent labelling on packaging so consumers know what they can recycle; and (iv) to bring in a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for cans and bottles, subject to consultation. The proposals include separate weekly food waste collections for every household in England and could include free fortnightly garden waste collections for households with gardens.

On the same day, government also launched its consultation on introducing a world-leading tax on plastic packaging which does not meet a minimum threshold of at least 30% recycled content, subject to consultation, from April 2022. This will counter the use of new, non-recycled plastic material (which has greater environmental impact) because it is often a cheaper option.

The Government is seeking views on its plans over a 12 week period. The changes will then make up a key part of the government’s upcoming Environment Bill, to be introduced early in the second session of Parliament. Changes are envisaged over the period 2023-2025, and financial implications – including impacts on local authorities – are covered.

An Update on the District & Parish/Town Elections on 2 May

This is the first of a number of updates with information about processes and deadlines for the District and Parish/Town Council Elections being held this coming May.


(i) Elections

Elections to Cotswold District Council and every Town/Parish Council within Cotswold District will take place on Thursday 2 May.  All seats on all councils will be subject to the election process.

Apart from the chairman and vice-chairman, your current councillors will remain in office until the fourth day after the election day of 2 May, when they will retire and the new councillors will take office.

Your chairman will remain until after a new chairman has been elected at your annual meeting following on from the elections (even if he/she does not seek re-election); and your vice-chairman will also remain in office until the new chairman has been elected (again, even if he/she does not seek re-election).

(ii) Timetable

A timetable of key events is available on https://www.cotswold.gov.uk/about-the-council/elections/current-future-elections/ but, for ease, a copy is also attached.


(iii) Notice of Election (publication date 18 March 2019)

The publication of this notice marks the start of the formal election process.

Clerks will be sent a copy of the notice of election for their parish/town council during the week beginning 11 March.

Please display a copy of this notice on your parish/town notice-board(s) by no later than Monday 18 March.

It would also be helpful if this notice could be displayed on your council’s website (if you have one) and distributed to any email lists you use for community purposes.

If you would like paper copies sent to you, please let me know how many you would like.

(iv) Nominations (from 19 March up to 4pm on 3 April)

Nomination packs will be available from 18 February and paper copies will be sent to clerks for distribution to interested parties.  Copies will also be available on our website.

Anyone wishing to stand as a candidate must submit completed nomination papers to the Returning Officer by no later than 4pm on Wednesday 3 April.

N.B. All nomination papers MUST BE HAND DELIVERED to the Returning Officer (Nigel Adams) at the District Council Offices, Trinity Road, Cirencester, GL7 1PX by the deadline (candidates may ask someone else to deliver the papers on their behalf). 

A candidate may ask someone else to deliver any or all of the papers on his/her behalf but, ultimately, it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that all relevant forms are delivered in the correct manner and on time.  Where a document is required to be delivered by hand, this can include delivery by a courier.

The Returning Officer and the Elections Team will be available to accept nomination papers between the hours of 9am and 5pm from Tuesday 19 March until Tuesday 2 April and from 9am until the nominations deadline at 4pm on Wednesday 3 April (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

If possible, candidates are recommended to submit their nomination papers a few days before the closing date.  As in previous years, the Elections Team can carry out an informal check of nominations so that any errors or omissions can be corrected before formal receipt. If a candidate wishes to take advantage of this service and/or would like to make an appointment to deliver his/her papers, he/she should contact the Elections Team on 01285 623002.

The Returning Officer and the Elections Team may also assist a candidate to complete a nomination paper. However, if a candidate is not sure if he/she is able to stand, he/she should contact the Electoral Commission or seek his/her own legal advice.

Please note that the nominations deadline is the same for all elections being held on 2 May, so it would be helpful if nominations could be delivered as early as possible.

(v) Withdrawal of Candidature

If, having submitted a nomination, a candidate wishes to withdraw his/her candidature, he/she must do so by 4pm on Wednesday 3 April (i.e. the same time/date as delivery of nominations).  This requires a signed notice to such effect, attested by one witness, delivered by hand to the Returning Officer

If no withdrawal is received by that time, candidates will remain nominated and be part of the election process

(vi) Statement of Persons Nominated (publication date no later than 4pm on 4 April)

Details of nominations received will appear in the form of another notice – the Statement of Persons Nominated.

Clerks will be sent a copy of the notice for their parish/town council as soon as possible after the close of nominations, for publication by no later than 4pm on Thursday 4 April.

Please display/distribute as for the notice of election.  If you requested paper copies for the notice of election, we will also provide paper copies of this notice.

At this stage, we will provide more information on the process for each council, dependent upon the number of nominations received.  The options can be summarised as follows:-

  • If there are more nominations than seats, an election will take place on 2 May.
  • If there are fewer nominations than seats but there are sufficient candidates to enable the council to be quorate, the council will be able to co-opt to fill the remaining seats (a formal co-option process, including the advertisement of the vacancies, is recommended).  N.B.  The council quorum is three or one-third of the total membership, whichever is the greater (fractions are rounded up).
  • If there are insufficient nominations for the quorum figure to be achieved, any validly-nominated candidates will be elected unopposed but a new election will be run to seek further nominations.  If this happens, clerks will be advised of the procedure.

(vii) Notice of Poll (publication date 24 April 2019)

If there is to be a contested election, clerks will be sent a copy of the notice of poll for their parish/town council during the week beginning 15 April, for publication by no later than Wednesday 24 April.

If there is the same number of candidates as seats, or fewer candidates than seats, we will provide a notice of uncontested election (for publication by the same deadline).

Please display/distribute as for the notice of election.  If you requested paper copies for the notice of election, we will also provide paper copies of this notice.

(viii) Election Day

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday 2 May 2019.

A list of polling stations will be sent to you as soon as they have been confirmed.

(ix) The Count

The verification of ballot papers for all elections will take place after the close of poll and continue overnight on 2/3 May; along with the District election counts.

The counting of the votes for any parish/town council elections will start at 2pm on Friday 3 May.

All verification and counting will take place at the Cotswold Leisure Centre, Cirencester.

Further details about the verification and count will be issued to candidates and clerks after the close of nominations.

(x) Registration of Electors

To vote at any election, residents must be included on the register of electors. 

Anyone who is already included on the register does not need to re-register.  However, if someone is in any doubt, he/she should check with the Elections Team.

The deadline for registration of new voters is Friday 12 April.

Anyone wishing to register can do so online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote (they will need their national insurance number to register).

Poll cards for the 2 May elections will be issued to all registered electors on 26 March.

(xi) Postal Voting

Anyone wishing to vote by post at the elections must submit an application by 5pm on Monday 15 April. 

If a person already has a postal vote arrangement in place, he/she does not need to re-apply.  However, if someone is in any doubt, he/she should check with the Elections Team.

If a person already has a postal vote arrangement in place, but wishes to change the way that he/she votes on 2 May, then he/she must do so by 5pm on Monday 15 April. 

Application forms are available from https://www.yourvotematters.co.uk/how-do-i-vote or contact the Elections Team for a paper form.

(xii) Proxy Voting

Anyone wishing to vote by proxy at the elections must submit an application by 5pm on Wednesday 24 April. 

If a person already has a proxy vote arrangement in place, he/she does not need to re-apply.  However, if someone is in any doubt, he/she should check with the Elections Team.

If a person already has a proxy vote arrangement in place, but wishes to change the way that he/she votes on 2 May, then he/she must do so by 5pm on Monday 15 April. 

Application forms are available from https://www.yourvotematters.co.uk/how-do-i-vote or contact the Elections Team for a paper form.

(xiii) District Council Elections – Display of Notices

Similar notices will need to be published and displayed in connection with the District Council elections (on a ward basis).

I should therefore be grateful if you could publish these notices alongside your parish notices – we will send you the district notices at the same time as the parish ones, but these only need to be displayed on your parish/town notice-board(s).

(xiv) Updates

Further updates will be issued over the next few months but if you have any queries in the meantime, please do contact the Elections Team using one of the following methods:-

You can also visit www.gov.uk/yourvotematters for information on how to register and vote.

Changes To Waste Collections Christmas 2018

Cotswold District Council’s waste and recycling collection service provider, Ubico Ltd, will be making normal collections up to and including Friday 21 December.  The following week, the crews will NOT be working on Monday 24, Tuesday 25 December and Wednesday 26 December.  They will also be on holiday on Tuesday 1 January 2019.  As a consequence, there will be changes in collection days until the normal schedule resumes on Monday 21 January 2019. 

The collection days will change from week commencing Monday 24 December and The collection schedule will return to normal on the week beginning Monday 21 January 2019. Please note crews will be working on four Saturdays – 29 December, 5 January , 12 January and 19 January – to catch up.

Northleach’s waste collection calendar, including holiday changes:


Please also note that Christmas trees can be taken to the following Garden Centres after Christmas for recycling up until 13 January 2019. (Once collected they are turned into peat-free compost):

  • Dobbies Garden Centre, Cirencester, GL7 6EU
  • Batsford Garden Centre, Batsford, GL56 9QB (will be taking trees from 6th January)
  • Wyevale Garden Centre, Lechlade, GL7 3DP

Commenting on the arrangements, Cllr Sue Coakley, CDC’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“As always, we try to minimise disruption to the schedules over the Christmas and New Year holidays while providing the crews with a reasonable break.  Residents are now familiar with our revised schedules during the festive period and they have always responded favourably in the knowledge that everything gets back to normal within a few weeks.”

She continued: “We anticipate that households will accumulate larger amounts of waste during Christmas and New Year.  I would urge everyone to recycle as much as possible and to make the most of our kerbside recycling services, and recycling facilities across the district. Many large gifts use cardboard packaging and it is worth emphasising that the Ubico crews will only collect folded cardboard at the kerbside.  We also encourage everyone to recycle all the extra bottles that seem to accumulate over the festive season.

“For those who like to clear things away very quickly, please note that Household Recycling Centres will be open on most days during the holiday period.  However, please note that both Household Recycling Centres in Cotswold District now close for one day during the week  (Fosse Cross on Tuesdays and Pyke Quarry on Wednesdays). Both will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. The new winter opening hours are 10 am to 4 pm. For more details see www.recycleforgloucestershire.com.

“North Cotswold district residents should note that we have an agreement permitting the use of the Shipston on Stour recycling centre in Warwickshire. For more information and opening times for that site, please visit Shipston on Stour recycling centre.

“Additionally don’t forget that there are many excellent recipes for leftovers on the ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ website.  It’s also encouraging to hear about the growing popularity of recyclable wrapping paper rather than the metallic – and expensive – option which is not recyclable.

“While we hope to see a big upturn in recycling figures during this period, we realise that there is still going to be a build-up of non-recyclable waste at such a busy time.  For this reason, we will be allowing a ‘side waste amnesty’ for every household’s first full collection after Christmas Day; residents will be able to leave out additional amounts of non-recyclable waste in bin liners next to their grey wheeled bin/beige refuse bags. Please place all containers at the kerbside by 7 am on the revised day of collection so we can ensure that everything is picked up.”

For queries and further information about the waste and recycling services, please log on to www.cotswold.gov.uk or contact the CDC Waste Hotline on 01285 623123.

Via press release from Cotswold District Council

Northleach Resident Honoured in Cotswold Champions Awards

Please find below the winners of the inaugural Cotswold Champions award. It is great to see a Northleach resident amongst the winners and well done to all those who were nominated.

Kind regards,
Cat Crompton, Town Clerk

Via press release from Cotswold District Council
Public-spirited local residents were honoured at Cotswold District Council’s first ever Cotswold Champions Community Awards ceremony and celebration dinner which took place at the Royal Agricultural University on Friday 9 November.

This date was chosen specifically to coincide with the ‘We remember 1918’ weekend when the Cotswolds commemorate and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1.

CDC Chairman Cllr Julian Beale, had asked people to nominate residents and teams in the District to be chosen as Cotswold Champions, and many applications from all parts of the District were received across seven categories. Short listed candidates were invited to the 9 November awards ceremony and the following were announced as the winners, each receiving a prize of £1,000 courtesy of the award sponsors:

  • Young Volunteer of the Year Award – a young person (18 or under) who gives up time to help others (sponsored by Royal Agricultural University) Chelsey Dyson
  • Carer of the Year Award – a person who cares for a relative, friend or neighbour (sponsored by Badham Pharmacy) Bridget Salvage
  • Community Team Award – people from a sports club, activity group, health group etc. who give time to assist others (sponsored by St James’s Place Wealth Management) BEAM Gymnastics
  • Village Hero Award – a person who goes above and beyond for their village (sponsored by Air Salvage International) Elaine Drayton
  • Charity Event Award – a team that organises events to raise funds for charities (sponsored by Aura Care Living) Relay for Life
  • Town Champion Award – a person who makes an impact in their neighbourhood (sponsored by Tayler & Fletcher) Jennie Rainsford
  • Unsung Hero Award – a person who quietly makes a difference to other people’s lives (sponsored by Ian Carling, Founder of The Barn Theatre) Kate Lee.

Commenting on the inaugural awards Cllr Beale said, “Congratulations to the winners and runners up in each category – and many thanks to everyone who took part in the competition.  I would like to thank also the sponsors for their generosity and overall support, the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council for judging, and Council offices for creating a successful event.  The number and quality of nominees proves that the Cotswolds breeds champions.”
Professor Joanna Price, Vice-Chancellor of the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) said, “It was an honour for the RAU to host these inspirational awards, celebrating Cotswolds residents who discreetly invest their time and energy in the community. We are very proud to have sponsored the Young Volunteer award which epitomises our belief that young people who give back to society and who put others before themselves are best equipped to become future leaders and good citizens.”