Elections 2023 – Notice of Poll for District and Town Councillors

A poll for the election of Town Councillors for Northleach with Eastington Town Council will be held on Thursday 4 May 2023, between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.  The number of Town Councillors to be elected is eleven.  You will be able to vote for up to eleven candidates on the ballot paper.

A poll for the election of a District Councillor for Northleach District Ward will also be held on Thursday 4 May 2023.   You will be able to vote for one candidate on the ballot paper.

The names, addresses and descriptions of the Candidates remaining validly nominated for election and the names of all persons signing the Candidates are shown on the nomination papers below.

Electors can only vote at their allocated polling station. The election will be by secret ballot according to electoral law, and as set out in notices displayed at each polling station.  Northleach with Eastington voters vote at The Westwoods Centre, Bassett Rd.

NOTICE OF POLL Election of Town Councillors
Northleach with Eastington Town Council

NOTICE OF POLL Election of a District Councillor
Northleach District Ward

Registration and ID Required for 4th May Local Elections

Voters across Cotswold District are being encouraged to make sure they are registered, have applied for postal voting and applied for identification if needed ahead of the deadlines so that they can vote in the local elections on 4 May.
To take part in any election anyone over the age of 18 must be registered in the area they live in. Some people eligible to vote may not be registered and therefore will not be able to cast a vote. This may be because they have recently moved or are voting for the first time. 

Residents can make an application to register to vote through the Government website which takes only five minutes to complete. They must register by 17 April and can do so at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

Some residents prefer to vote by post, by using a postal vote residents can make sure their voice is heard at the local elections from the safety of their home. They also will not be required to show ID to vote by post. Residents can apply to receive their vote by post, before the application deadline of 5pm on 18 April.

Electors may also choose to vote by proxy – where another individual casts a vote on a registered voter’s behalf when that individual can not vote themselves. To be able to use a proxy vote applications must be in by Tuesday 25 April by 5pm. 

For the first time this year, residents in Cotswold District will need to show photographic ID to vote in person at this year’s local elections. 

Residents are being urged to make sure they are ready to vote in May by checking they have an accepted form of photographic ID. 

Accepted forms of photographic ID include a UK, European Economic Area (EEA) or Commonwealth passport; a UK, EEA or Commonwealth drivers’ licence; and some concessionary travel passes, such as an older person’s bus pass. Voters will be able to use expired ID if they are still recognisable from the photo and the name on the ID should be the same name as appears on the Electoral Register.

Anyone who does not have one of the accepted forms of ID will be able to apply for free ID online at voter-authority-certificate.service.gov.uk/ or by completing a paper form which is available from the Council.

More information is available on the Cotswold District Council website, including details about how to apply for the free ID. Anyone not able to visit the council website, or apply for a Voter Authority Certificate online, is being encouraged to contact the Council by calling 01285 623002 or emailing elections@cotswold.gov.uk. Residents must have applied for Voter Authority Certificate by 5pm Tuesday 25 April.

Statement on Outside Dining in the Market Place

Published by Northleach with Eastington Town Council on 12 October 2022.

The Town Council at its meeting on 28 September 2022 resolved to support an outline proposal from Cotswold District Councillor Tony Dale to widen the pavement on the Market Place.

The reasons given were that the pavement extension would benefit the community, especially the most vulnerable who would benefit from a safer environment and residents who enjoy the vibrant atmosphere that a pavement hospitality scene generates.

Gloucestershire Highways has been informed and we are awaiting further information from them on the design and costs of the scheme.

The Town Council appreciates that many people value the outside dining space while others are concerned about the loss of parking spaces. We have been working with all parties to try and find the best possible outcome for the town.

The tables and chairs on the Market Place were introduced during the pandemic after new laws simplified the process for issuing pavement licences. Grant monies were available to provide planters and barriers around the tables and chairs, and Town Council officers put considerable efforts into developing the scheme. Unfortunately, a second pavement licence was refused by Cotswold District Council and we learned that the first licence had been issued incorrectly. The legal department at Gloucestershire Highways has advised there is no legislation permitting tables and chairs on the carriageway. The Town Council felt it could not justify spending public money on the scheme when permission could be withdrawn at any moment.

We now know that the existing licence was not withdrawn but has not been renewed by Cotswold District Council. The Town Council is supporting the proposal to widen the pavement which would allow for pavement licences to be issued in the future and will share further information as it becomes available.

Any questions about pavement licences should be directed to Cotswold District Council.


For information about the work of the Town Council, please contact us.

Notice of Vacancy in the Office of Councillor

NOTICE is given that, due to the resignation of Mark Ogden, a vacancy has arisen for a Councillor for the Town Council.
The vacancy will be filled by election if a request from 10 local government electors for the Town is received within 14 working days of the date of this notice. The request must be received by 13th October 2022.

Requests should include each electors’ name and address and should be sent to the Chief Executive at the address below or by email to elections@cotswold.gov.uk
If an election is called, it will take place not later than 15th December 2022.

If 10 signatures are not received by the date given, the Town Council may fill the vacancy by co-option.  For further information please email the Town Clerk. clek@northleach.gov.uk

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Support If You Are Worrying About Money

As the cost of living rises, support is sometimes hard to find.  Cotswold District Council are supporting a new initiative called “Worrying about Money.”   A leaflet has been circulated which offers many ways, for those struggling financially, to access immediate assistance via a number of agencies and funding streams.  A copy of the leaflet can be found below.

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Cotswold District Council Opens New Scheme to Help Residents With Energy Bills

Cotswold District Council has opened applications for financial support to those most in need of help with their energy bills. The new scheme is for residents who were not eligible for the recent £150 council tax rebate.

The Government set the criteria for the original £150 rebate scheme which was targeted at households in Council Tax bands A-D. Additional funding was provided to councils to set up a local scheme to help those not supported by the original rebate.

The new scheme is intended to help support those most in need during the current cost of living crisis. It covers:

  • People living in properties banded E-H who are on low incomes or don’t pay council tax due to caring or health reasons
  • People on low income who pay energy bills but not council tax
  • People living in houses of multiple occupancy and on low income
  • People living in emergency or supported accommodation

The full list of eligibility criteria is available on the Council’s website along with a form to apply for the support. 

Those unable to use the website can telephone the Council for advice and support, however, the Council is encouraging people to apply online where possible to free up phone lines for those who need them most.

Cotswold District Council has moved as fast as possible to pay the original £150 rebate to those eligible, with most people who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit now having received the payment. 

For those who don’t pay by Direct Debit, the Council does not hold the details to make a payment and is currently contacting those eligible to explain how to provide the required information to the Council so the payment can be made. 

The Council has to carry out a number of checks on those applying for the support to make sure fraud is not being committed. This may slow payments, but the staff working behind the scenes are working hard to process applications as quickly as possible.

More information on the rebate can be found on the Council website at cotswold.gov.uk/150rebate