Ash Die Back Work – Sherborne Park Estate

During July and August Ash Die back work will take place at the Sherborne Park Estate.  Along the A40, Lodge Park road, Eastington Road and Cat’s Abbey road, Windrush road, Clapton Road sub-station and the woodland belt opposite the school and war memorial.

Ash dieback is caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus.  Sadly, it is now present in all the woodlands they manage in Gloucestershire.  As ash trees succumb to the disease, they can drop limbs and branches, collapse or fall. Once a tree is infected the disease is usually fatal.  The prevalence of diseased ash has resulted in the rapid deterioration of infected trees in Gloucestershire – making it one of the most severely affected areas in Britain in recent years.

Over the past 12 months, The National Trust has been assessing and monitoring the health of the ash trees on their land.  As a result of these surveys, they have identified a large number of trees across the portfolio that pose a risk to public safety and unfortunately are now in urgent need of felling.
They completed the first phase of this felling work back in March and will soon be commencing the second phase essential works.

Please be reassured that the National Trust will not be felling all affected ash trees, only those that are in high risk zones and pose a risk to public safety as identified in their rigorous tree health surveys. This includes those that are along public highways, rights of way, well used paths, permissive routes and near residential areas and car parks. They will be leaving both standing and fallen deadwood so that wildlife can benefit.

Please read this letter for a more detailed description of the works.

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