Change To Waiting Restrictions on West End

If you have been along West End you may have spotted some new line markings and parking changes there. This is part of a long awaited programme of work requested by the Town Council, in consultation with West End residents and supported financially by County Councillor Paul Hodgkinson.

Attached is the order from Gloucestershire County Council explaining the background to the work. The idea developed to allow better movement of traffic whilst being as safe as possible. Please note that no parking spaces have been lost (in fact a few have been gained) and there are more passing places along the stretch to enable traffic to move more easily and alleviate the bottlenecks experienced.

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Kind regards,
Cat Crompton
Clerk, Northleach with Eastington Town Council

Update: The Town Council is aware that the extent of the markings in front of The Old Forge does not match the order. We hope to resolve this as a matter of urgency.