Town Council Newsletter – April 2015

The Annual Town Meeting takes place this month on Wednesday 22nd April at 7pm. This is a different format from our usual monthly meetings, with reports on what has happened in the town over the past year. Information about upcoming committee meetings is posted on the notice boards in the Market Place and at the Westwoods Centre.

Would you like to have a say in how Northleach with Eastington parish is run?

could-this-be-youOver the last few months we have been giving details about the May 2015 elections and explaining how all the current councillors will be up for re-election. Northleach with Eastington Town Council will have 11 councillor seats to fill in May. If eleven residents come forward they will automatically join the council, but if more than eleven are interested the town will vote.

In terms of responsibilities, each councillor is expected to attend the Town Council meetings (10 a year) and become a trustee of the King George V Trust. In addition they are asked to join at least one other committee or working group. These committees cover functions such as finance and funding, the Westwoods Centre, allotments, the cemetery, playing fields, play areas and all the issues associated with running these. Being a councillor can be a very rewarding voluntary role. Councillors are able to work on important projects that affect the parish such as planning, property management, financial spend and amenities. The council is supported by three part time staff, the Clerk, Admin Assistant and Centre Supervisor.

As the most local level of government, the Town Council is able to work with residents and larger organisations such as the county and district council to improve and develop the environment. Recent work has included flood mitigation projects, tree maintenance, cemetery enhancements, Neighbourhood Plan, planning responses, the housing needs survey, pavilion improvements, a refreshed town website and a new roof for the old Scout Hut. Sound interesting? Want to get involved? Applications for new councillors need to be completed and submitted by Thursday 9th April.

If you want more information about the role please get in touch using the details below or speak to one of the current councillors. Their information can be found on the Town Council noticeboards at the Westwoods or in the Market Place. More information about the role of the Town Council can be found on the website Not sure you have time for all the meetings? Why not consider joining one of the committees instead. We have a range of residents who support the committees work.