Community Transport Survey


If you live in or often visit the Cotswolds, Cotswold District Council would like to know what you think about transport needs in the area and how transport could be improved both for getting around within the area and to nearby towns.

To tell us more about what transport is needed for the Cotswolds and to give us your ideas, please fill in a short, simple tick-box questionnaire.

The surveys can be completed online at

Alternatively, we have requested some hard copies of the survey, which will be available from the clerk at the Westwoods Centre or from Northleach post office, once they have arrived.


Cotswold District Council has been working with Cotswold Volunteers and Cotswold Friends (formerly Cotswold Volunteers North) to commission research, funded by the Police & Crime Commissioner, into transport needs and potential solutions in the Cotswolds.

Our aim is to make a strong case for services which provide more and better access, and also to recommend ways to improve or extend the current community transport options. We realise at the outset that there are limits to what we can achieve. Nevertheless, we are hopeful that we can influence service providers, e.g. in health and social care, to develop a better understanding of how transport impacts on their services, as well as providing robust support for more innovative community transport solutions.

The survey runs until the end of March. Once the survey data has been analysed, it will be used alongside desk study and face-to-face interviews to inform recommendations for improvements. Results will be published in late May.

We would appreciate your help with this project, and are keen to hear your views.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Sian Thornthwaite
Project Manager