Streetbank: A New Way to Share & Reduce Waste

Northleach has been challenged to come up with ideas to reduce waste and recycle more. Here’s one idea that could help us become the gRRReenest community in the Cotswolds:


Have you ever asked your neighbour to borrow something? Have you got a booster seat, a drill, a bike pump, a ladder that just sits in storage most of the time and you wouldn’t mind lending it to someone in your community? Streetbank is a free website and only takes a minute to join. If you add a few things that you’re happy to lend or even give away, or add a skill which may help a neighbour, in return you can see what other people in Northleach are willing to share.

There is a really short video that sums up the whole idea:

Borrowing instead of buying will save us all money and cut consumption in the process. Recently listed by the Times as one of the 50 websites you can’t live without, 1,500 people are meeting through Streetbank every month. We know it works. To make it work in here Northleach, we just need people here to join and start sharing.

Sign up for free to save money, reduce waste and make your community stronger.

Be a part of it at

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2 thoughts on “Streetbank: A New Way to Share & Reduce Waste

  1. Sadly our grandchildren have now outgrown their highchair. It’s still in excellent condition, Would anyone in Northleach like it?

  2. Great idea for reducing waste! I wish to succeed and to be implemented by more people. Reducing waste is a great issue nowadays and we must to find way to cope with it!

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