Winter Weather Information

We are fielding a lot of enquiries due to the winter weather so please find below some additional information.

Road clearance – Highways clear the main route through Northleach only. They do not do the side streets and most of these are usually cleared by the local snow plough operator as directed by Highways. Here is the link to the Glos Highways gritting routes map:

Gritting – Highways will grit the main route only when the weather conditions indicate icy conditions. Highways are responsible for the road network and during adverse winter weather Gloucestershire Highways’ resources are focused on keeping the strategic carriageway network running, with priority being given to bus routes, schools, and routes with emergency services such as hospitals, doctors, fire and ambulance. In addition the snow warden has spread grit (when available) on the priority areas. In addition residents are able to help themselves to grit from the bins across town. However grit has run low over the last week.

Locally – The Town Council try to assist by ordering salt stocks, checking on the grit bins and trying to refill them when empty if there is stock available. This week due to the severe conditions the grit stock ran out and we were not able to replenish till yesterday as Highways were also out of bagged stock. Please find a copy of our grit bin locations (please note there have been some new bins including ones at the bottom of Nostle, in the Churchyard as you come up from the Post Office and Meadow Lane). Please let us know if you have ideas for other bin locations and we will investigate. They have all been filled but most have run empty again. The snow warden is refilling them today but again salt stocks are low and they may not all be filled. Please continue to let us know if your local one is empty.

Gritting on pavements and footpaths – Highways will grit  some of the footpaths if they have the resource. Please help yourself to grit if you want to use it on public land like roads and pavements. Please do NOT use it on your private drives as you can be prosecuted for that.

Can I clear pavements? This is a really common question, and the simple answer is that you can. This government website has further advice:

Please check on neighbours who may not wish to venture out in the snow or icy conditions.

Cotswold District Council also offers winter advice on their website:

Kind regards,
Cat Crompton, Town Clerk

Winter Preparation

The gritters have been out tonight following the flurry of snow so please find below some details about winter preparation.

Over the last few years the Town Council has had to take on more responsibilities from Cotswold District Council and Gloucestershire County Council. One of these duties is winter preparation. Gloucestershire Highways have provided the initial grit for the grit bins and will do some main road gritting and snow clearing if they are able.

However once the bins are empty the responsibility and the cost of refilling them falls mainly to the Town Council. Highways will refill only if they are able to. Please be aware of your nearest grit bin (as per attached map) and only use it on roads and pavements. Use a spade or shovel to spread the salt evenly. We have left empty milk carton bottoms in each bin to assist with this. Please replace these if you find them missing. If a bin is empty you can report it to the Town Council by email or by calling the office on 01451 861499.

Please do not use grit from these bins to clear your own driveways or paths – salt stocks are limited, and you may be prosecuted if caught stealing salt for private use.

We only have a small band of volunteers working with the Winter Action group so please could we ask residents to take a few moments on icy days to check their area and spread some grit if it is necessary. There is not sufficient grit for the whole of Northleach so please use only when and where it’s needed. I have attached a grit bin location map for reference. (Currently there is no grit bin up Nostle Road so we will arrange for some sacks to be left at the bottom)

Kind regards
Cat Crompton

Northleach with Eastington Town Council