Survey: High Speed Broadband for Northleach

Make your views count in a major county-wide campaign to bring high-speed broadband to rural Gloucestershire! With Government support, the Borders Broadband project is working to improve internet services in rural Gloucestershire. The process of finding a supplier is already underway – but first we have to prove there is enough interest from local people, communities and businesses. This is where you come in.

In the next few weeks, local Broadband Champions – volunteers from your community – will be out delivering questionnaires. Please take a little time to complete and return your questionnaire to the designated drop off point (details on the questionnaire) or send it via freepost to:

GRCC, FREEPOST SWC 0305, Community House, 15 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2BR.

To complete the survey online – or to find out more about the Borders Broadband campaign – visit the GFirst website Borders Broadband is also conducting a separate online business survey, which is available at the same address. If you live in Gloucestershire and run a local business, you can complete both the residential and business surveys. Your Broadband Champions are also on hand if you have any questions about the completing the survey.

The Broadband Champions for Northleach are Ian Ellison and Pauline Rigby

If you run a business in Northleach and can’t get adequate broadband for your needs (too slow, too expensive, too unreliable), then Pauline would like to hear from you.