Message from Northleach Community Speed Watch Team

To date, Northleach has maintained a pretty good safety record, and it is the intention of the Town Council, the Community Speed Watch volunteers and the majority of residents to keep it that way.

In September last year, Gloucestershire Highways placed speed strips across the roads to three of the entrances to the town for a period of seven days. These strips recorded the speeds of all vehicles passing over them. Thankfully the majority of motorists were recorded as being at or below the 30mph limit.

Unfortunately, during that one week alone, of the 33,250 vehicle movements in and out of town almost 1,300 of these movements showed that a few drivers feel that our 30mph limit did not apply to them. Had those drivers been caught by the police, most if not all would have been fined £100 and received points on their driving licence. One motorist would have recieved a driving ban! It is apparent that motorists entering Northleach appear to slow down after they have passed the 30mph signs when they should have slowed down to 30mph or less before they pass them.

Northleach now has a number of local volunteers who have been trained in the use of speed detection devices. Their intention is to educate drivers that the speed limit is in place throughout town, and change driving behaviour to encourage people to stick to the 30mph limit consistently. Note however, that persistent offenders exceeding the town’s 30mph speed limit, or individual excessive speeds recorded will be reported to Gloucestershire Police, who will deal with the matter accordingly.

Remember, our local Speed Watch volunteers are not there to persecute the motorist but to remind both visiting and local drivers that they are entering a 30mph zone and try to maintain good safety record of Northleach. After all, it’s our children, elderly and pets that cross the town’s roads.

If you would like to become a Community Speed Watch volunteer, please contact the Clerk.