Northleach Launches Formal Consultation for its Neighbourhood Plan

Northleach Town Council voted at its January meeting to go to formal consultation on its draft Neighbourhood Plan. The documents can be viewed or downloaded from

The draft plan will now be considered by the District and County Councils, and other statutory consultees. Members of the public in Northleach and the adjoining parishes are also invited to comment. The consultation period closes at 5pm on 12 March 2018, after which the Steering Group will propose any necessary amendments before the plan goes to a formal examination by an Inspector. If then approved, those in the parish will be asked to vote on it in a referendum.

Councillor Chris Hancock, Chair of the Steering Group responsible for its preparation said, “This is a seminal moment for the Town and the culmination of several years work with input from Steering Group members, the Town Council and many local residents all of whom have helped shape the plan and to whom I give my thanks.

“Put simply, our plan seeks to do the very best it can to give the town the things local people have said they want – additional parking to relieve the stress on the town centre and school, room for the school to expand and to enable nursery provision and the designation of land bordering the already built up areas as green space which will also help to create a green ring around the town. We have also created a supplementary Design Statement, setting out how the local character of the whole parish can be enhanced and preserved for the future. We hope that all the statutory consultees will give it their support and that our local residents will embrace it as a means of helping to shape the town in the best way we can in the years to come.”

To learn more about Northleach’s Neighbourhood Plan, visit: