Town Council Newsletter February 2014

Town Council Meeting – Thursday 27th February, 7pm in the Westwoods Centre.
Please look at the Town Council noticeboard in the Market Place for full details of the Council’s meetings. All members of the Public are very welcome.

Drainage across Northleach
The recent flood mitigation work in Northleach comprised of several strategies. The work on the system included repairing large sections of the culvert and clearing debris from the trash screen so water could flow more freely. In addition the two soak-aways created at either end of Town have had a positive impact. However there are still issues with particular drains blocking on a regular basis and this can cause them to overflow and cause flooding.
The Town Council are asking if all residents can be aware of this and to clear excess leaves and debris away from the drains. If you are unable to do this please let us know so we can help. If you believe you are at risk of flooding please ensure that you are prepared and have sandbags or the equivalent to hand. The Town Council has some supplies of filled and empty sandbags as well as flood sacks which inflate on contact with water. These are suitable for those residents unable to carry heavy weights and are available in the case of emergencies. Please contact us using the details below if you would like advice.

Police Messages
Recent police messages have included warnings about scams where people call impersonating banks or computer companies. Police advice is to hang up on any cold caller, no matter where they say they are from and then report it. No legitimate company will ever call you unexpectedly and ask for information. You can all the police on 101 for non-emergencies and calls cost 15p each. Alternatively visit the Constabulary website at

Plastics Recycling
Please note that the recycling point at the Westwoods Centre, no longer contains a bin for plastics. If you wish to recycle these items please use the white sacks provided last year. We have some spare ones at the Westwoods Centre or you can order these plus other recycling containers from Cotswold District Council at or by calling 01285 623000.

Thank you!
The Town Council would like to extend their thanks to every resident who is able to help maintain the areas outside their properties. Every little bit helps and the additional weed killing, litter picking, grass cutting and tree pruning that goes on across the whole Parish is appreciated.

Cat Crompton, Town Clerk

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