Precept and new Councillor information

The Town Council has voted for a new Councillor to fill the vacancy. Mr Laurie Colton has now joined the other ten Councillors to make a full Town Council. Laurie was co-opted onto the Finance Committee last year and has helped form the new finance figures for next year. All the Councillor contact details can be found on the notice boards or here on the website

Every year the Town Council requests funds from Cotswold District Council (CDC) in order to carry out its business for the Town. At the January meeting,  The Town Council  agreed the budget requirement for April 2014 – March 2015 and this forms the amount of money (the Precept) it will request from CDC. The Councillors are very mindful of the current economic climate and like everyone else the Town Council has seen a rise in basic costs. This year there will be additional costs because of the Neighbourhood Development Plan but the Councillors have agreed a 2% increase only. There are some reserves available and they are also watching the spend carefully. This will equate to an increase of less than 40p per D band house starting from April. You will be able to see the breakdown on your Council Tax bill of how much the different groups (CDC, Gloucestershire County Council, the Police and the Town Council) have requested.

If you would like details of what the Town Council used the Precept for last year, please contact me.

Kind regards
Cat Crompton

Northleach with Eastington Town Council