There have been many complaints about the timing and phasing of the lights which appear to be changing too quickly for drivers leaving the Town.  These complaints were passed on to Gloucestershire Highways who have looked at the problem and made changes but some drivers are still concerned that they are being ‘stranded’ as the lights change.

Highways tell us that the lights on the A429 do not change to green until all vehicles are clear of the junction.  The lights will only change to red when the road sensor picks up that there are no vehicles (within a certain time limit) but the lights will change sooner when there is only one vehicle, later if there are more.  This will have the effect that some vehicles will appear stranded between the white line and the turning.

The number of cars being let through (east and west directions) on green is a separate issue.  This will always vary as it is dependent on the flows on the main A429.  The more traffic there is on the A429 the less time there will be for traffic emerging from the minor road.  All times are sensor driven with the A429 taking priority.  It may sound complicated but is all designed to keep traffic moving.