Road safety budget

What budget cuts mean for road safety and improvements

As a partner in our Road Safety Partnership I wished to write to you personally to tell you about the difficult decisions we have had to make as a County Council to road safety and improvements after Central Government made cuts to our budget this year.

What cuts have been made?
In its bid to reduce huge public debt, the Coalition Government announced cuts of £6.5 million to Gloucestershire County Council budgets this year. Of this:

•    £1.37 million is being cut from integrated transport capital (money used for specific projects and new builds)
•    £210,000 is being cut from road safety revenue (money used to run day to day business) with a further £180,000 from road safety capital

What does this mean for road safety?
We have to take a number of steps as a result of Government cuts.

1.    There will be no new capital investment in speed cameras, saving the required £180,000 capital. This is the right decision to make as the Coalition Government has clearly signalled new fixed camera sites will not be funded.
2.    As Government has cut funding it gives us to operate speed cameras, we are withdrawing £150,000 from operations and enforcement and reviewing speed camera operations.
3.    We will review how we can deliver road safety education more effectively with reduced resources, after having to withdraw £60,000 from this area
Tony Dix
Community Safety Officer
Cotswold District Council
Tel: 01285 623611

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