Business Matters at Cotswold District Council

Today sees the launch of ‘Business Matters’, a new quarterly newsletter to inform local traders about the support Cotswold District Council can provide across a broad spectrum of issues to help counter the current harsh economic climate. 

Cotswold District Council has published the first edition of ‘Business Matters’, a four-page newsletter aimed specifically at businesses in the region.  The quarterly newsletter outlines how the Council can help traders withstand the continuing effects of the economic downturn, with the first edition highlighting the possibility of obtaining more benefit payments for workers on reduced salaries.  Other features include an offer to help firms save on running costs by reducing their carbon footprint, details of a new business start-up, important information about the latest safety regulations, dates of key Council meetings, and news about events sponsored by Business Link.

Leader of the Council, Lynden Stowe, is confident that the newsletter will be a useful resource to supplement the support the Council gives to local firms.
He commented:
“The recession may now be over officially, but many businesses in the Cotswolds are still facing the toughest trading conditions for a generation. We have been working closely with a number of businesses across the region to help them through this difficult time, and this newsletter is another means of ensuring that as many firms as possible are aware of the support we can provide. To a certain extent, we’ve tried to gauge what readers might want to know about, and we are very keen to get feedback to make sure we’re on the right lines for future editions. We would also be pleased to receive news from readers for publication in Business Matters.”

The newsletter is available at the Cotswold District Council website –, and copies have also been sent electronically to local Business Link, Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Businesses, and Town and Parish Council representatives to forward to their contacts around the Cotswolds.