Plots of land needed for ‘Get up and Grow More’

Two plots of land needed in Gloucestershire for an exciting new food project – ‘Get up and Grow More!’

Vision 21, Gloucestershire’s own Climate Change charity, has funding to set up three community vegetable growing spaces in different locations throughout Gloucestershire.  Each space would need to be available for three years and around 800 square metres per site is required. As well as providing a supported growing space for those without gardens/allotments the project will also co-ordinate free ‘Grow your own’ training sessions each year for the community of growers and wider public. There will also be two events organised in Gloucestershire each year on the importance of local food as well as a food swap forum created!

This is an incredibly exciting project which is very much in line with the organisations aims and objectives and many of its recent projects. For example, Get up and Grow which was established voluntarily by Vision 21 three years ago has won two awards!  We also hope that by touring GrowVision, our new sustainable food exhibition, we can raise awareness of the importance of local food and growing your own. We are delighted that through this new funding we can now enable even more people to start growing. (For more details on where GrowVision is touring click here).

If you know of land that may be available for this project please let Vision 21 know. Perhaps you are involved with a project that both has spare land and where existing users may find the scheme of interest or perhaps you know of a local farmer with land available to lease.

If you can help please call 01242 224321. Please pass this on to friends, colleagues etc.

Rebecca Dobson
Vision 21