Rural Crime Update & Survey

NRCN-Survey-Logo-400x335Unfortunately there were two break ins in Northleach over the last few weeks. Apparently both houses were unlit. Police advise that properties should be lit using timer lights when empty. Even if you returning at night an unlit house even will attract attention.

In response to concerns from people living and working in rural areas, the National Rural Crime Network has launched the largest ever public survey on rural crime:

The link to the survey is

They said:  “You don’t need to have been a victim of crime to participate in this survey just simply care enough about rural communities and the freedoms they give us to have your say. We all need to feel safe and secure where we live and this survey will explore what this means in rural Gloucestershire and similar areas across the country. It will give our rural citizens a powerful voice at a time when services are under greater pressure and are typically being drawn into urban areas of seemingly higher demand. Of course this fails to recognise the unique harms caused by crime in rural communities and this should not be overlooked (not just in terms of safety and security but in terms of health and wellbeing).”

Please complete the survey and feel free to pass the link on to others.