Amateur Dramatics in Northleach

Many small towns and villages around the country enjoy amateur dramatics groups (AmDram), involving all sorts of different people, many of whom have acting talents they did not know existed. Then there are others, perhaps, whose skills lie in stage management, set design, lighting, electrics, advertising/marketing; or even prompting actors when they forget their lines. It can all be a lot of fun and bring together many diverse groups of people.

Northleach is fortunate to have the splendid Westwoods Centre and The Cotswold Hall, either of which could support a stage production. Initially, the Cotswold Hall might be ideal but later, if the project became a real success, then the Westwoods Centre would offer a much larger space and seating for the audience – but at higher cost.

This note is designed to see what kind of interest there might be in Northleach. Should you have some contribution to offer, be it suggestions, or just support for the idea then please contact Robert Cusins by email to:

Robert looks forward to hearing from as many as possible; and hopes to form a pilot group to plan a way forward.