Memorial Safety Inspections April 2024

Memorial safety inspections in Northleach Cemetery were completed recently, and a number of unstable memorials were identified. Those requiring repair have been marked with a notice.

Memorials belong to the rights holder of the grave. We would like to contact those owners so they can arrange to repair the memorials, but unfortunately the addresses we hold are out of date. If you are the owner of one of the affected memorials or a relative of the deceased, then please contact us as a matter of urgency.

Where the owners do not come forward, memorials may be laid flat for safety.

A list of memorials affected is given. Listed updated 20/05/24.

Area 1

Plot Burial Ref. Name of Deceased Date of death
1/62 87 Mabel E Tayler 15/09/1893

Area 2

Plot Burial Ref. Name of Deceased Date of death
2/240 1523 Alice Mona (Monica) Westmoreland 06/10/1998
2/406 961


Walter Clark MC,

Elizabeth Clark



Area 3

Plot Burial Ref. Name of Deceased Date of death
3/60 1609 Catherine Parsons 10/07/1995

PLEASE NOTE: Permission is required from the Council as burial authority to install, maintain, or alter any memorial in Northleach Cemetery. All repairs must be undertaken by a competent and insured memorial mason and any refixing of memorials must comply with current British Standards.

A copy of this notice has been posted in the cemetery.

Notice of Safety Inspection Findings April 2024