Do You Know Who to Call When the Lights Go Out?

The number to call is 105!

During Storm Francis a few weeks ago, a number of households across Gloucestershire lost power. Many people don’t know they should contact their local electricity network operator if they have a power cut. They often understandably but mistakenly call their electricity supplier they pay their bills to.

Gloucestershire Local Resilience Forum (LRF) partners are raising awareness that electricity operators have introduced the ‘105’ number which is a free easy to remember number that will automatically put you through to your local network operator. You can call 105 to report or get information on a power cut in your local area, and 105 can also be used to report damage to electricity power lines or substations.

Further information on what to do in a power cut is available via:

Gloucestershire LRF website:

Western Power Distribution:

Scottish and Southern Electricity 

 Priority Services Register

Did you know that eligible customers can register, not only with their electricity supplier, but also with their suppliers for gas and water, to be on their ‘Priority Services Register’?
Gloucestershire Local Resilience Forum partners are encouraging eligible customers to sign up free to utility companies’ Priority Services Register, so that they can access extra assistance, particularly during a supply emergency.

You can usually register on each utilities’ Priority Services Register if you are:

  • Of pensionable age
  • Chronically sick
  • Registered disabled
  • Have other specific needs such as sight loss, hearing loss or a mental health condition
  • Living with children under 5

If you or anyone in your household is eligible, you will need to contact each of your utility suppliers separately e.g. electric, gas and water to join their register.

Contact your utility suppliers (there should be a phone number on your bills) or look at their website to find out more.