Layton Lane Steps Update

Dear Residents,

Given the number of comments and the fantastic offers of help and support from around town regarding the steps, I would like to provide an update on the KGV Trust’s actions.

Firstly, as a reminder, these steps were removed due to the fact that they were not safe and it has proven difficult to repair them in place. The next stage is to discuss whether and how they should be replaced in the longer term – this needs a formal meeting of the KGV Trust as it will likely involve authorising expenditure. The next KGV Trust meeting is on 24th June and the formal agenda will be published on the 17th.

There are some excellent offers of help to rebuild the steps which hopefully we use can use should we all decide to replace the steps.  As this is public money, we need to agree to spend it – everyone is invited to join the discussion (it will be via a Zoom video call due to the Covid-19 emergency and details will be provided closer to the time).

In the meantime, keep the ideas coming and hopefully we can agree something that satisfies all requirements (safety for walkers, the elderly, junior football and cricket all need considering).

Hopefully we will see you at the KGV Trust meeting.  Alternatively, please make any town councillor aware of your views if you cannot attend.

Rob Platts
Northleach with Eastington Town Council

One thought on “Layton Lane Steps Update

  1. When the steps are replaced it is important that they also include a handrail as it is not possible for elderly people to use them otherwise

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