Northleach Friday Update – Police Details

We are aware that some local villages have put up signs saying that they are closed to visitors and tourists.  Whilst we completely understand that it is frustrating to see visitors in Northleach at this time, we are reluctant to spend valuable resources on this.  In reality we have no authority to officially erect signs on the Highway in this manner or to officially close the town off to people who are not residents.

We have a doctor’s surgery, a chemist and grocery shops that are regularly used by people from the surrounding villages and we wouldn’t want people to feel that they weren’t welcome to use them.  Tourists should not be travelling here but we would not encourage anyone to engage in confrontation.

With the weather hopefully turning warmer again this weekend, please follow the official advice and report any suspicious activity to the police by telephoning 999 if it is an emergency.  If it is not an emergency you can call 101 or let the police know about crime or other relevant issues on their website using the link below.

Today the UK Government published clearer guidance about what you can and can’t do during Lockdown. This link contains frequently asked questions and answers which you may find helpful.