We Remember 1918 – The Human Poppy

Cirencester Community Development Trust has created a programme of events starting the week before Armistice Day with the “biggie” being the creation of a Human Poppy in Cirencester market place at 2pm on Sunday 11 November. They have provided the following information:

Human Poppy Event  This should be an amazing and emotional event that can be inclusive of the whole community.  Relevant information for this event is detailed below: –

  • We are starting a “big push” now to recruit members of the community to come along on Sunday 11 November to be part of the Human Poppy in the market place. 
  • The red and black flower with green leaves will be in Cirencester market square in front of the church
  • The formation of the Human Poppy will start at 2pm. Members will go to their allotted spot in the market place with their red, black or green poncho in their hands.  At a given point they will put their ponchos on and the poppy will appear as if from nowhere.  After the poppy is formed, at a given point, they will be asked to take off their ponchos and the poppy will disappear into nowhere.
  • Whole families can come along.  They can choose to be a soldier from Cirencester who fell in the Great War or from one of the parishes.  They can choose to be a relative or they can be an “unknown soldier” – the choice can be theirs and can be very personal if they so wish.
  • The event will be photographed and filmed using a drone and from the vantage point of the church tower.  There has been interest from BBC Points West who are hoping to send a TV crew.

The Human Poppy event is being project managed on the day by Iwan Lewis of the Barn Theatre and the officer commanding of 55 Squadron at 29 Regiment, South Cerney.

They are encouraging everyone to come and join in with the Human Poppy. Prospective participants may email the CCDT email address: – ccdtltd@cirencester.gov.uk, or call in to the Town Council office to register. (at Bingham House, Dyer St, Cirencester, GL7 2PP).

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We Remember 1918 Programme of Events

Friday 2nd November

The Eleventh Hour – 7.30pm in the Parish Church ‘THE ELEVENTH HOUR’ by Coln Choir – music and readings focussed on local stories.

Friday 9th November

Royal British Legion – 6.30 for 7pm Parish Church, Market Place ‘Albert Hall’ style remembrance concert.

Community Awards Event- 7.30pm by CDC at the Royal Agricultural University to celebrate the work of local volunteers.

Sunday 11th November

Remembrance Sunday Service- 10.50am Wreath placing at the War memorial and March Past.

Creation of The Human Poppy – Begins at 2.00pm in the Market Place, Cirencester. Men, women and children will represent the fallen; each issued with red, black or green ponchos. They will cover the Market Place to create a Human Poppy.

Community Service – 5.30pm in the Parish Church and peal of bells at 7.05pm to mark the time of the Armistice signing

We Remember 1918 – The Concert – 7.30pm Remembrance Spectacular in the Corn Hall, Cirencester. Produced by the Barn Theatre.