Old A40 Collapse, Ground Investigation Report

The Town Council has received the following update from Highways about the collapse at Prison Copse:

“A copy of the factual report summarising the results of the Ground Investigation undertaken earlier this year is attached. This report sets out the detail of the borehole logs obtained from site and the results of the samples tested in the laboratory.

The next stage is to relate the borehole results to the surrounding geology and local geological maps. This results in a ‘Geotechnical Interpretive Report’ (GIR), which is being compiled at present and will aid us in specifying and procuring the treatment required at the site. As part of this we will confirm which budget the works should be sourced from and in what year works will take place.

The Geotechnical team are currently focused on making sure the Geotechnical Remediation Scheme at Horsley is delivered. Once the team have the Horsley work underway they will turn their attention to the A40 slip report and we will send you a copy of it when it is completed.”

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