Christmas Crime Prevention

This is the time of year when it’s getting darker earlier and people are preparing for Christmas by making more purchases. Regretfully we have had a number of police messages come through this week relating to local break-ins, vehicle thefts and in particular burglaries from outlying buildings. So it seems like a good time to remind everyone of the police advice:

  • Ensure homes and outlying buildings are fully locked when empty.
  • Invest in timer switches and security lights to help illuminate your home when you are not in. These are readily available from local shops and supermarkets. If you work full time, please be aware that on dull days, lights are now going on in houses from as early as 3.30pm. Homes in complete darkness will stand out as being unoccupied.
  • Ensure outside lights are working and that sensors are pointing in the appropriate directions.
  • Do not leave presents or expensive equipment on show or stacked up under the Christmas tree as these can be easily seen.
  • Do not tell people on social media that you are away.
  • Be aware of what you put out for recycling. Large TV or computer boxes will alert people to recent purchases. Turn these inside out or take them to the recycling centre instead.

Please pass on these messages to your neighbours. A well-lit and occupied street will help to deter opportunists.

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