Town Council Newsletter – February 2016

The next Town Council meeting is on Wednesday 24th February at 7pm in the Westwoods Centre. Everyone is welcome and there is an opportunity to ask questions. Between meetings you can contact the Clerk using the details below. Information about committee meetings can be found on the notice boards in the Market Place and at the Westwoods Centre.

Neighbourhood Development Plan
The Steering Group continue to make good progress on the Town development plan and expect to be communicating with the parish in the next few months.

Town Website
The town website was relaunched two years ago. It contains a lot of information about the town, the work of the Town Council and information. If you are part of a group or club please check that the information listed is correct and let us know of any changes. In addition there is calendar of local events so you can keep up to date with what is going on in the area. Recently a ‘Can We Help‘ section was launched on the Home Page. This gives useful advice on who to contact if you have an issue. Although the Town Council are the main contact for local issues, the District and County Council have different responsibilities, which are detailed on the website.

Local Policing Messages
The local policing team has asked us to reiterate some of the following messages from last month. Although our area has not seen much crime recently, it continues to affect our neighbours. Houses in darkness are a target and we would like to remind residents about what they can do to keep themselves and their homes safe. Police advice is: ensure homes and outlying buildings are fully locked when empty; invest in timer switches to help illuminate your home when you are not in. If you work full time, please be aware that on dull days, lights go on in houses from as early as mid to late afternoon. (There is sometimes support to purchase these so please ask us direct); ensure outside lights are working; do not leave expensive equipment on show. Lastly, please pass on these messages to your neighbours. A well-lit and occupied street will help to deter opportunists.

[Web editor adds: Information on how to make your home safer can also be found at the ‘Staying safe’ pages of the Gloucestershire Constabulary website: