Town Council Newsletter – August 2015

There is no full Town Council meeting in August though some of the committees will be working through the month. Information about the committee meetings can be found on the notice boards in the Market Place and at the Westwoods Centre.

Market Place
The Council would like to give thanks to Mr Keith Blundell and Miss Kerry Hughes for their contribution to the barrels and raised garden over the last few years. In addition to Mrs Jarratt who has been maintaining the War Memorial garden. Please find below a message from Cllr Hewer about the Market Place.

“The large bed under the trees on the Market Place has now been taken over by the Town Council and I would like thank all the Councillors and residents who have helped install the new flower bed. A great deal of effort was made by a lot of people to get it ready for the Charter Fair and subsequently the watering of the juvenile plants to keep them going during the recent warm weather. In the Autumn we hope to replace the current bedders with shrubs and yet again we will need the support of all those who are able. Thanks again” Cllr Vicki Hewer.

Community Tidy Up
Plans are being drawn up for a town-wide tidy up and will be communicated soon. To support this we are also looking for some community champions to cover their immediate areas before and after the tidy up. Equipment and guidance will be provided. If you are interested or would like to know more please contact us using the details below.

Cat Crompton, Town Clerk
Tel: 01451 861499