Town Council AGM

Town Council Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting, which sets out the business structure of the Council was held at the end of May. Cllr Neil Fletcher who has been the Chairman and Mayor of Northleach with Eastington for the past two years had decided to step down and Cllr Mrs Vicki Hewer was voted in as his replacement. She will hold this office until next May when the whole Council is re-elected. Cllr Alan Wellman remains as Vice Chair. The Town Council and support staff would like to thank Cllr Fletcher for all his hard work and
dedication to Northleach Town Council and his efforts behind the scenes. During the meeting, the Town Council also decided which committees and working groups each member would sit on. The Town Council has four major committees, Finance and Funding, Westwoods, KGV Trust and Property and Premises Management. The working groups include Resilience, Town News and Playgrounds.

Town Council Audit
The Town Council’s accounts are audited each year by an internal and external auditor, in line with local authority requirements. The internal audit was conducted in May and the external audit in June. If you would like to know more about the Town Council finances, where the money comes from and how it is allocated.

Core Housing Strategy
The consultation regarding the Cotswold Local Plan has started and comments need to be submitted by Friday 19th July. This public consultation will be about district housing requirements and the proposed distribution of housing across the Cotswolds.

Are you interested in having an allotment or do you have land available for this purpose?
If the answer is yes to either of these questions please get in touch.