Help save The Old Prison at Northleach

Proposed sale of the Old Prison at Northleach
Help Save it by Signing the Online Petition!

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Cotswold District Council are to sell off the Old Prison at Northleach – Here’s what you can do to help save the building for the Community:

  1. Write letters to the people who can influence  the decision and also ask CDC to give more time. There are viable alternatives that would keep the site focussed on benefiting our district and local community for the long term. Contacts for all District Councillors can be found here:
    The leader of CDC, Cllr Lynden Stowe and the CDC Chief Executive, David Neudegg can be reached at: Cotswold District Council, Trinity Road, Cirencester, GL7 1PX. Please copy your letters and emails to Northleach Town Clerk at The Westwoods Centre, Bassett Road, Northleach, GL54 3QJ.
  2. Sign the petition asking CDC to give enough time for proper consultation about the future of this site, and time for a rescue package. There are copies available throughout the town.Also there is an online e-petition on the Cotswold district council web site:
    Re-think proposed sale of the Old Prison at Northleach –give the community time.
  3. Encourage others to write and follow what’s happening and sign the online petition.

Diana Ray

Editors Note:
Diana Ray, lives in Cold Aston, comes from a farming background and owns Living Green in Bourton.  She is not a member of any political party and has no links with the Cotswold Conservation Board. Along with other local people she has put together a summary of some of the key issues about the Old Prison and steps people could take right now to save it.  This is not just an issue for Northleach- people across the district are starting to voice out their concerns at the proposed sell off. This flagship building has a great future for the community. Diana’s family gave some of the artefacts in the rural collection, and it is in her mother’s memory that  she is taking a stand about what happens to the Old Prison at Northleach. She feels strongly that more time is needed for options to be developed. In Northleach a petition is circulating and is already gaining many signatures – it simply asks CDC to postpone the sale process to allow the community more time for better options to happen. Please sign and take part in supporting a better outcome.

Writing letters to let CDC know what issues matter could encourage a change of heart and is highly recommended.

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  1. Don't forget to actually sign the petition. A few people have logged on, addded a comment and left without signing. The process is a bit laborious – you have to click a link in your email to confirm your registration and then click another link in another email to confirm that you are signing the petition. The system seems designed to confuse, but we have to work with it anyway!

  2. There are some very interesting comments which can only be found when you open
    Sign the petition – so please read even if not signing,

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