Wildflower Verges Return in 2024

🌼 🦋 Northleach with Eastington Town Council is proud to be supporting No Mow May and Let it Bloom June again.

Following a successful trial last year, the Town Council is leaving certain highway verges unmown until the autumn again. By leaving verges to grow naturally, we can play our part in supporting nature and biodiversity.

Many flowering plants growing in road verges are cut before they can flower, set seed, and so their decline in numbers continues. Late mowing allows flowering plants to complete their reproductive life cycle. 

These areas may appear unkempt, but they provide important habitat for wildlife, including pollinators like bees and butterflies. The humble dandelion, for example, is an abundant source of nectar in an environment where insect food sources are increasingly scarce.

But there is more than just dandelions in our local verges. In a survey carried out by volunteers last month, they found 30 different species of flower in bloom. A total 63 species of flowering plants have been recorded to date, 27 more than recorded last autumn. The list includes oxeye daisies, ladies bedstraw, and wild strawberry.

The verges have not been abandoned. They will be carefully managed and undesirable species such as thistle and common dock will be tackled if they get out of hand. There is also a possibility of sowing locally sourced wildflower seed later in the year to augment the native varieties still present in the soil, if it is agreed that nature needs a helping hand.

Additionally, it has been shown that wildflower verges encourage traffic to slow down. Flowers give important visual clues that motorists are entering a residential area, and create a visual narrowing of the road. Residents have told the council they are concerned about the speed of traffic in town, and this is a simple measure we can try which gives quick positive results.

A further benefit is the potentially reduced cost to us all as a community, paying for fewer un-necessary cutting operations and a consequent reduction in the fuel used and hence a reduced carbon footprint for the Town Council. A small part of the picture maybe but worth the saving we think.

‘Wildflower trial’ signs have been erected on the areas in the scheme, which include:

  • West End opposite Jubilee Row
  • Eastington Road
  • East End from Short Hedges Close to Nostle Road
  • East End adjacent to Potter Walk.

If there is a verge outside your property that is not currently in the scheme, but you would like to put it forward then please let us know.

For information on the No Mow May campaign please visit the Plantlife website.

Got any other questions or feedback? Please contact us.