Ash Dieback Project

This year Gloucestershire County Council launched the Ash Dieback Project to start to tackle the effects of Ash Dieback within the county, as our immediate concern will be to protect users of the Highway and County Council land from the danger posed by numerous dying trees. The general consensus currently is that up to 95% of ash trees in the UK may eventually become affected by the disease.

What is Ash Dieback?                                                                                                                                                     
Ash dieback is a disease that causes leaf loss and dying branches, and can lead to the death of a tree. The disease attacks ash trees quickly and there currently is no prevention or treatment available.  Ash dieback may kill a young tree in only a single year, but older trees may take a number of years to perish.

Ash trees are very common in Gloucestershire and cutting down any tree is a huge loss to our county’s biodiversity, but this is something we must do to stop more trees becoming diseased.  To find out more about ash dieback and the project in Gloucestershire click on the document below.

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