Removal of Layton Lane Steps to KGV Field

As a result of comments received from residents regarding the potential danger from the poor state of repair of the steps onto the field from the end of Layton Lane, some councillors had a brief meeting on site to consider available options.

As a health and safety issue, the initial decision was to remove the steps to prevent anyone getting injured. Due to the poor state of the steps, there was no straightforward way to repair them in situ.

In the longer term, the town councillors (as KGV Field Trustees) will review the future of the steps. The steps were installed some years ago, and certainly before the path from Layton Lane to the School Field was created, as a convenient way to access the KGV Field. Now that this path is in place, there is little or no need for these steps as it is now easy to get to the field from the path just a few yards away.

In addition, given more modern regulations, any new steps would be required to be more substantial (wider, deeper and with handrails) and therefore relatively expensive to construct and to maintain.

The KGV Trust will discuss this at the next KGV Trust meeting on 24th June and vote on the motion to not replace the steps and return the ground to a simple bank. This meeting is open to the public and residents can either attend the meeting or make their views known to any of the town councillors beforehand.

2 thoughts on “Removal of Layton Lane Steps to KGV Field

  1. The steps were safer than having a slope ! People naturally walk directly to the slope down to access the alleyway next to the allotments . I really cannot see how removing them is safer . Please can you tell us when the steps will be replaced ?

  2. We use these steps all the time. If the cost is the issue whe dont you just make the slope less of an incline so people can still use it. Simple and cost effective. It could be at a similar incline to the slope next to the tennis court.

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