Your Town Needs You!

Now that the process to set the Town Council up for the next four years is about to kick off, it is a great time for you to get involved in helping to manage the Town’s affairs and to steer it through the exciting events that are bound to be happening. In the upcoming local elections on 2nd May, all eleven Town Council positions will be up for election.

As well as making sure that the people in the town are supported and served, there is the Neighbourhood Plan to implement which will give us the opportunity to make Northleach and Eastington more attractive to local residents, tourists, businesses and all other people that come into contact with us. The Town Council has a lot of responsibilities across Town from grass cutting to grit bins, The Westwoods Centre to the cemetery and from play areas to the Pavilion! We need enthusiastic, community-minded residents to help deliver these facilities for the Parish.

The Town Council is a perfect opportunity to either develop your skills or to use those you already have in a different environment. We need all types of people on the Council – so come and join us. If you have any questions about what the Councillors do then please get in touch. Contact details of Councillors and Council employees are on the Town website along with other Council information.

We strongly recommend that you come along to one of the meetings to see what it’s all about, and there are two more opportunities to attend a meeting before the election process closes. Come and join us on Wednesday 27th February and Wednesday 20th March for the next full Council meetings. Both start at 7pm in The Westwoods Centre.

You can be nominated to stand for election from 19th March up to 4pm on 3rd April. Details on how to apply can be found here:

It would be great to have a really competitive election so that all residents can have a say on who will represent them within the Town Council for the benefit of the Parish and beyond.

Kind regards,
Cat Crompton, Town Clerk