Doorstep Callers Advice

A few residents at East End have notified us that they had doorstep callers last weekend, claiming to be on a criminal / youth rehabilitation programme and selling household goods. Incidents have also been reported this week in Moreton. Commonly called the “Nottingham Knockers” they usually offer self-produced “permits” which are worthless. Genuine Pedlar’s Certificates are relatively hard to come by and the majority of these callers will not have one. One of the requirements for issuing a Pedlar’s Certificate is that the applicant does not have a criminal record, so anyone claiming to be on a “Criminal Rehabilitation Programme” should be a good warning. Many people feel intimidated by these callers and will buy goods just to get rid of them.

I have spoken to the Local Policing Team and Neighbourhood Watch and they have issued the following advice:

  • If possible do not answer the door to these people.
  • Never let them into your house for any reason.
  • Persons receiving a visit from these callers are asked to phone the Police at the time on 101, so that they can come out and check them over. Please do not assume that someone else will be making the call. (However, there may be times when there are insufficient resources available for this to be done)
  • The callers often say they have been trying a neighbours door – never share information with them. For example do not explain that people are on holiday or at work till late as they may use this information.
  • Please notify any neighbours or family members who you think may be vulnerable to these callers.

Kind regards,
Cat Crompton

Northleach with Eastington Town Council