Here you will find a list of many of the questions the Town Council regularly gets asked about local council services like bin collections and reporting problems. We hope you find this page useful. If your question isn’t answered here then please contact us.

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  1. [expand title=”Q: I would like to rent an allotment in Northleach. How do I go about this?”]
    A: The Council-run allotments are the Nangle Allotments by the playing field car park. There is a waiting list for these. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please email or telephone 01451 861499 and leave a message.[/expand]
  2. [expand title=”Q: What can I do if I see a farm animal loose in a public place or in distress”]
    A: If you have a concern about a farm animal around Northleach that is possibly injured or has escaped please contact the local farmer on 07814 662 038. The farm makes daily checks on all the animals and fields but please call this number if you are unsure what to do.[/expand]
  3. [expand title=”Q: What changes will there be to the waste and recycling bin collection dates this Christmas and New Year?”]
    A: Cotswold District Council is responsible for waste and recycling collection, and has issued calendars specific to our usual collection day here.[/expand]
  4. [expand title=”Q: I have an issue to report about a bus stop.”]
    A: This is a Gloucestershire County Council concern. Your can report it via their website or ring 08000 514514 in an emergency.[/expand]
  5. [expand title=”Q: I would like to reserve a plot in the cemetery at the church in Northleach or enquire about an existing plot. How do I go about this?”]
    A: Please email Northleach Town Council at Current fees for this are displayed on the cemetery noticeboard or you can telephone us on 01451 861499.[/expand]
  6. [expand title=”Q: I have observed criminal activity, should I contact the police?”]
    A: Yes, you can provide information to the police by calling their local number 101. In an emergency, when someone is in serious or immediate danger, dial 999.[/expand]
  7. [expand title=”Q: I would like to report persistent dog fouling. Who do I contact?”]A: Environmental wardens at Cotswold District Council are aware of the issues we have had with dog fouling. Use their website to report a persistent issue with dog fouling or to report a dog poo bin full or overflowing.[/expand]
  8. [expand title=”Q: I want to report a blocked or overflowing drain.”]
    A: Please report it to Gloucestershire County Council:[/expand]
  9. [expand title=”Q: I want to report some flooding.”]
    A: If this is an emergency call 08000 514514, otherwise please report it to Gloucestershire County Council via their website:[/expand]
  10. [expand title=”Q: Who do I contact about grass cutting in Northleach?”]
    A: Northleach Town Council employs contractors to cut grass verges in the town. Not all grass areas are covered by this contract or are the responsibility of the Town Council. Grass is usually cut between April and October. If you have a question about grass cutting please contact Northleach Town Council on 01451 861499.[/expand]
  11. [expand title=”Q: I want to go on a housing list or enquire about affordable housing in Northleach?”]A: You will find lots of useful advice about local housing on Cotswold District Council’s website: They offer a free, confidential, housing advice service to individuals, families, and landlords in the district.[/expand]
  12. [expand title=”Q: A public litter bin is overflowing. Who do I contact?”]
    A: Nearly all the public litter bins are the responsibility of contractors employed by Cotswold District Council. If you leave a message at The Westwoods Centre 01451 861499 saying exactly which bin is overflowing we can contact the correct people for you.[/expand]
  13. [expand title=”Q: I have noticed a hazard or tripped on a broken pavement. Who is responsible?”]A: Gloucestershire County Council is responsible for pavements and most roads in Northleach. For more information or to report a transport issue, you can contact them via their website: or telephone Gloucestershire County Council and ask for Highways.[/expand]
  14. [expand title=”Q: I want to ask a question about a planning issue or apply for planning permission.”]A: Any issues to do with planning are the responsibility of Cotswold District Council. Here is a link to their Planning Portal. You can also telephone the district council on 01285 623000.[/expand]
  15. [expand title=”Q: I have spotted a dangerous pothole and want to report it. Who do I contact?”]A: Please contact Gloucestershire County Council: Or please telephone 08000 514 514.[/expand]
  16. [expand title=”Q: I want to hire the Pavilion or playing fields. How do I go about this?”]A: If you wish to run an event on the playing field or use the ‘Tea Room’ at the far end of the building you need to contact the Town Council on 01451 861499 or email The Town Clerk on If you wish to hire the Pavilion itself for an event, call in and speak to someone at The Pavilion whilst it is open.[/expand]
  17. [expand title=”Q: I have noticed something broken in the play area. Who should I call?”]A: Please call Northleach Town Council 01451 861499 or contact If you are able to take remedial action to avert an accident please do so and report the issue as soon as you can.[/expand]
  18. [expand title=”Q: I need a new blue or white recycling bag. Who do I contact?”]A: Cotswold District Council offices at Trinity Road in Cirencester can re-issue these to you when yours has worn out.[/expand]
  19. [expand title=”Q: I need to report a problem with a footpath or public right of way, who do I contact?”]A: To report a problem with a right of way, contact Gloucestershire County Council. Their website offers useful information about public rights of way.[/expand]
  20. [expand title=”Q: How do I find out about roadworks and road closures happening in the area?”]A: Highways can be contacted here: There is also lots of other useful Highways information at this link. Also please ask to be added to the parish e-mail list (see Q26). We try to give out as many details as we receive in advance of local roadworks commencing.[/expand]
  21. [expand title=”Q: I have noticed a street light that is not working. Who do I contact?”]A: You need to contact Gloucestershire County Council and report it. You can report any street lighting issue by filling out a simple form. Here is the link to their website:[/expand]
  22. [expand title=”Q: Can I attend Town Council meetings?”]A: Yes, the meetings schedule is published online and displayed on the noticeboards in the Market Place and Westwoods Centre. Members of public are invited to attend. At question time the chairperson will invite members of the public to speak. The Council’s Standing Orders limit the time any individual member of the public is allowed to speak to 3 minutes. Only residents on the electoral roll may speak.[/expand]
  23. [expand title=”Q: I need to report an issue about the traffic lights.”]A: Contact Gloucestershire County Council on 01452 425000 or report the issue to them via their website:[/expand]
  24. [expand title=”Q: I need to report a Fly Tip incident.”]A: Contact Cotswold District Council Report Flytipping there is a link to report, describe and locate the incident.[/expand]
  25. [expand title=”Q: I have a query about pruning or felling a tree.”]A: Trees are a planning issue are dealt with by Cotswold District Council. The list of frequently asked questions on their website contains lots of useful information about trees within and outside of a Conservation Area. Or telephone them on 01285 623000.[/expand]
  26. [expand title=”Q: I want to hire the Westwoods Centre. What do I do?”]A: Telephone us on 01451 861499 and speak to the Centre Manager. If the office is unmanned leave a message with your contact details. Or, email[/expand]
  27. [expand title=”Q: How can I make sure I am regularly updated with information concerning me as a Northleach resident?”]A: Email the Administration Officer at and ask to be added to our parish email contact list.[/expand]